Ways To Choose The Best Colors For Custom Flags


If you are yet to become aware of the significance of colors in a customized flag, you are sure to miss out on some of the most important aspects. However, there must be a good place to start. So, if you are planning to use a custom flag for your retail store advertisement or for any other purpose. Therefore, you need to take the color lightly as it helps in visual recognition more quickly than the text.

Things to know about colors:

It is necessary to start low when deciding the colors but you need to know how to put them together in one place. Here is what you need to know about color classifications in customized flags.

  • You can mix the primary color to get different combinations or create a specific shade.
  • The secondary colors form when you mix two primary shades, such as yellow and blue, red and yellow, and yellow and red.
  • The intermediate colors combine a mixture of primary and secondary colors but you need to mix equal quantities of the shades to get the tertiary color.

Besides, the tertiary color, you can get shades based on the nuances. For instance, you can get pure colors with white to get a light shade in expression. Apart from this you can get pure colors by mixing black to get a heavy impact.

Significance of colors:

The color of the custom flags is significant for various reasons and the first aspect is that it enhances the visibility and the second one is its ability to improve the readability of the words. Based on the color you choose, you can use the flag and use words or messages for the viewers to remember your brand with ease. Read the points below to know the colors that are likely to make your flag more noticeable.

  • Yellow is a bright, positive, and conspicuous color and leaves a memory in the minds of people viewing the colors and an optimistic feeling.
  • Green is a positive shade but the visibility may differ if you fail to create a proper contrast. For instance, green and yellow are complementary shades.
  • Red is a warm, powerful, and a passionate shade that creates an instant impulse.
  • If you are planning to get an instant response through the colors of the flag, it is easier to create an image.

Dealing with the challenges:

Although colors appeal your mind in several different ways, the custom flag you get can be of varied shades based on your requirements. Make sure the colors you choose have good penetration power.

  • Red is a welcoming shade but you may find it tricky as some shades may resemble orange and others appear like heavy pink. Ideally, you need to pick a shade that creates a vibrant feeling.
  • When choosing green, you need to select a hearty shade that creates a friendly and professional feeling.
  • Purple and blue are two of the colors you need to choose carefully to avoid camouflaging the message.
  • You need to choose those shades that match the context you are trying to build and create adequate contrast with each other.
  • Colors represent a more convincing form of communication than words. Therefore, you need to choose the color as carefully as you choose the words.

Once you get the contrast and the message right, your flag becomes truly inspirational for the customers you want to target.

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