Vyacheslav Dobrynin – biography

Was born in Moscow. Parents met and got married during the war at the front, then mother Anna Ivanovna Antonova left for Moscow, and father Galust Oganesovich Petrosyan – for Armenia. Dobrynin never saw his father and never bore the name Petrosyan. He lived with his mother. He studied at the music school, accordion class. Graduated from two departments of the Moscow Musical College named after the October Revolution (folk instruments and choral conducting). His studies had to be combined with studies at Moscow University, where Dobrynin entered the Faculty of History in 1963. True, even here I chose a specialty “related” to music – theory and history of art. Graduated from the university in 1970.
He worked in the Oleg Lundstrem Jazz Orchestra as a guitarist and directed the vocal quartet “Lada”. He was a musician at the Arbat restaurant.
In 1971 he became a soloist of the “Bremenskie Muzykatiy” ensemble, then for a short time he worked at the VIA “Samotsvety”. The quote is taken from “Filmyzilla
In 1972, he abandoned the surname Antonov, since there was already a popular artist with such a surname on the stage – Yuri Antonov.
The composer’s debut took place in 1974, when the Melodiya company released a disc with the song “I Love You” performed by Lev Leshchenko.
Collaborated with poets Leonid Derbenev, Simon Osiashvili, Mikhail Ryabinin, Mikhail Plyatskovsky, Larisa Rubalskaya, Mikhail Shabrov, etc.
He wrote about 1000 songs.
Hits: “Blue Fog”, “Do not pour salt on my wounds”, “Witch’s lake”, “Oh, what a woman”, “Farewell, from all train stations …”, “Write me a letter”, “Red horse”, ” Live, spring ”,“ Not a moment of rest ”,“ Everything that I have in my life ”, etc.
He worked with Iosif Kobzon, Alla Pugacheva, Mikhail Boyarsky, Masha Rasputina, Irina Allegrova, Alexander Malinin, as well as with the groups “Merry Boys”, “Gems”, “Leisya, Song”, “Ariel”, “Red Poppies”, “HuniePop 2”and others.
Released 17 LPs, 12 EPs, 19 CDs.
Since 1986 he has been performing his own songs.
In 1990 he created the group “Doctor Shlyager”, with which he performs and records.
Dobrynin’s songs were performed at various international festivals and competitions, such as Jurmala, Yalta, Bratislava Lira, Golden Orpheus, Zelena Gora, and reached the finals in 15 Song of the Year television festivals.
In 1998, on the “Square of Stars” near the State Central Concert Hall “Russia”, the nameplate of Vyacheslav Dobrynin was laid.


▪ Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1991)
▪ People’s Artist of the Russian Federation (1996)


▪ Prize of the Moscow Komsomol (1982)
▪ Prize of the Lenin Komsomol (1986)
▪ Prize “Ovation”
▪ Prize named after Isaac Dunaevsky
▪ Prize “Golden Gramophone”
▪ Medal “For Strengthening the Combat Commonwealth” (2005)

A family

First wife – Irina, resuscitation doctor
Second wife – Irina (Fomicheva), architect (married in 1998)
Daughter – Ekaterina Dobrynina-McGuffy (1978)
Katya graduated from VGIK, course of Alexei Batalov, starred in films, but in the end chose a career family. While still at the institute, she met the American Shane McGuffey, who studied there as a director. In his graduation film, Katya played one of the roles, and her dad composed music for him. In 1999, young people got married and left for America.
Granddaughter – Sofia (2000)
Grandson – Alexander (2007)

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