vastu constant in Kolkata shares 15 best tips for best study table vastu!

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Do you want to enhance study table vastu? Vastu constant in Kolkata offers the best tips for you in this blog. 

When a student studies in a study table that is aligned as per the elements of nature, he or she gets the maximum benefit from it. 

So check out the best guidelines as shared by expert vastu constant in Kolkata.

  1. West of South West (WSW) being the primary direction of education is best zone for study table placement. North East, south of south east (SSE) and South West (SW) zone can be considered as well. All students can sit here and carry out studies.
  2. East zone is ideal for study table for students engaged with political science. South East (SE) zone should be used by students pursuing career in the fields of law and police.
  3. School students can place their study table in West of South West (WSW) adds vastu constant in Kolkata.
  4. Placing study table in west zone is recommended if students are enrolled for accountancy subjects. The North West (NW) zonal study table will enhance future for home science, retail investment related disciplinary students.
  5. The north zone should be utilized by students who are preparing for the competitive exams like CAT, IAS, IPS and so on. 
  6. Never place the study table in West of North West (WNW- zone of depression) and South of South West (SSW- zone of disposal), and East of South East (ESE- zone of churning).
  7. Also avoid the East of North East (ENE- the zone of fun and recreation), North of North West (NNW- the zone of sex and attraction) and south (Zone of relaxation) for study table.
  8. For Science student, the best facing direction is west. But for Law student facing towards south is better, suggests vastu constant in Kolkata.
  9. Politics or administration associated studies must towards North. But students engaged in Arts and religious should face towards East.
  10. Student doing research work can face towards East of south east zone (ESE), while students preparing for entrance exams should face to North East (NE) zone.
  11. Never place the study table jammed against the wall. Always keep a small gap that allows free air flow. It will help in cleaning and also will channel free flow of energy. As a result it will bring fresh ideas to the student’s mind.
  12. You must avoid cluttering on and around the study table. This will help getting rid of negative energy that might linger around the space.
  13. Vastu constant in Kolkata recommends getting rid of mirror or electronic gadget like TV or computer in the study room, because it can cause too much distraction.
  14. It is best to utilize the daylight as much as possible. Sunlight brings energy along with just illumination. After sunset, lit an electric lamp to keep the place well illuminated, even if you are not studying all the time. This will attract good energies for you.
  15. Make sure that the study table is not placed beneath any beam of the home. Shift it sideways if it is present under a beam.  

For more details on study table vastu based on your child’s level of education and field contact Vaastu Mangaal. We have the best vastu constant in Kolkata for all your needs.

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