Varieties of Washi Tape

Washi Tape

Washi tape comes in many different styles and colours. You’re free to be as imaginative as you’d like while using them. There are, however, some washi tape designs that might transform an otherwise unremarkable craft into a show-stopper.

Here are a few options for your next scrapbooking, cardmaking, or home improvement project.


There is a vast variety of striped washi tapes available for purchase online and in stores. There are several striped patterns on a white background, including pink and white, green and white, black and white, etc. Afterwards, there are several striped designs that have a black background, such as blue and black, green and black, yellow and black, etc.

There’s a distinct feel and aesthetic to every possible combination. The combination of yellow and white, for instance, is uplifting and cheery. Infusing your living area with positivity with these recordings is easy to do.

Stripes, in contrast to the plain tapes, reveal their individuality in a more understated manner. They have a wide range of potential applications, from the living room to the pages of a diary. If you are looking for custom washi tape, please visit our website.


Washi tapes with a checkerboard pattern are one of a kind. Reason being, with these cassettes, even the most mundane textbook may appear extraordinary.

Get a few rolls of washi tape in a striped pattern and use it to decorate the edges of your notebook. If your hard cover is boring, you may jazz it up by making stripes with this tape. You may pick from a variety of checkered tapes, both tiny and big.


These adhesive tapes for crafts are a cut above the rest. It’s difficult for most folks to choose just one cityscape tape from the huge variety that’s offered online. When shopping for washi tape scrapbooking patterns, many individuals go toward cityscapes.

This is because the tapes look so good with your book, you may feel compelled to really use it as a scrapbook. The book’s cover alone is enough to make you want to quickly flip through it.

People who love to travel and explore will find a metropolis to be the perfect setting. Tapes depicting cityscapes can make any room appear grand and stunning. They have just the correct amount of detail, durability, and style. A scrapbook decorated with a variety of cityscape tapes would make a great present for your travel-loving pals.


Every artist, to a greater or lesser extent, is influenced by nature. Flowers, as one form of nature, have long been recognised for their profound influence on the visual arts. Flowers are symbolic of calm, honesty, and nuance. Cards of all kinds, including those of thanks, congratulations, and condolences, might benefit from the addition of floral washi tapes.

DIY tutorials are another great resource for discovering creative use for floral tapes. Flower washi tapes may also be used to add a touch of elegance to a plain gift bag. Use the tape to outline your work or make a pattern in the blank space in the middle.

Sending greeting cards and presents to acquaintances is a common occurrence. For them, these tapes are the finest option. You manage to seem neither either official nor too casual while yet conveying your meaning clearly via body language.

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