Use OSRS gold for the Master Wand

Use OSRS gold for the Master Wand

The Master Wand ranks as one of the best wands in all OSRS.

Players that are looking for the best wands in Old School Runescape will be hard pressed to find one that’s better than the Master Wand. In fact, the pool of weapons is incredibly small, with the Master Wand being the second-best wand in the whole game. We’ll need to invest some OSRS GP if we are to get it, as well as another form of unique currency. So let’s get started on the journey to get our very own Master Wand.

How to Get the Master Wand

Before we get into the method of obtaining the wand for ourselves, we will need to meet certain level requirements. Specifically, we’ll need to have reached level 60 magic before we’re able to wield it. Once you have met said requirement, we can then head over to the necessary location to get the wand.

The location in question is the Mage Training Arena. When we get there, we’ll be able to use the pizazz points that we have earned there. To buy the Master Wand itself, you’ll have to get the teacher wand first. Have this equipped, and then you’ll need to get the necessary points to get your Master Wand.

How Long Does It Take?

The actual time that it’s going to take you to get the Master Wand depends entirely on the approach that you take. If you’re using the technique of earning pizazz points, then there’s a particular quota you need to reach. In total, you’ll need 2400 Enchantment pizazz points, and 240 in Telekinetic, Alchemist and Graveyard points.

To buy the Master Wand and the previous wands, you’ll need 4800 Enchantment pizazz points, plus 530 Alchemist points and 480 points in both Telekinetic and Graveyard points. There is also the opportunity for you to upgrade your Master Wand to the mighty Kodai Wand. You can do so by getting the Kodai Insignia from the Chambers of Xeric.

Master Wand Alterations

There were changes made to the Master Wand back in 2014. The wand was made able to autocast spells that come from the Ancient Magicksspellbook. A couple of months following this we saw an increase of the value of alchemy to 60,000 OSRS coins.

Should You Upgrade to the Kodai Wand?

This might seem to be a no brainer to some players. After all, we are talking about the most powerful wand in all of OSRS. You’ll need to reach level 75 magic if you’re to be able to wield it, and it’s something you should certainly work towards. The Kodai Wand is capable of autocasting not only standard spells, but also ancient magicks and arceuus combat spells. When you have it equipped, you’ll get an unlimited supply of water runes.

The Kodai Wand brings an additional change of cutting down rune costs by 15% when you’re using an offensive spell. There’s added bonus in magic damage as well, with a 15% bonus. If you were to equip it with a tome of water then the damage and accuracy bonuses will be used from the tome itself.

As we mentioned earlier, you can get the Kodai Wand from the Kodai Insignia from the Chambers of Xeric. This is given as a reward at the end of it, after which you can use it on the Master Wand. When you have done that, you will see a message that says “Power shoots down the length of the wand, empowering it with the darkness of Xeric’sKodai Wizards.” It’s worth mentioning that you won’t be able to revert this once you’ve done it.

This is where the investment side of things needs to come into it. There is a massive gap in how much gold these wands can cost. If you were to buy one yourself, then you might consider finding OSRS gold for sale. For a Master Wand, it’ll cost 3,185,041 OSRS gold. However, the cost of the Kodai Insignia is at a price of 81,696,914 OSRS GP. Putting that together you’re looking at 84,881,955 OSRS gold.

When you are getting into the avenues of going to buy OSRS gold, you will want to take necessary precautions. Trusted OSRS gold selling websites are the ones that you should focus all your attention on. Having a human presence is key, which can be checked by looking for a customer service chat that can answer any questions you may have. If there seems to be something off, or the cheapest OSRS gold seems too good to be true, then it just well may be.

Have you obtained the OSRS Master Wand? Let us know in the comments section below!

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