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travel insurance

If you plan to travel to North America, make sure you do so by taking with you coverage, either a travel insurance policy or travel assistance  for the United States, which will be your safe conduct in case you get sick and have to go to a hospital or clinic. private. Keep in mind that in the United States the prices of medical care are quite high .

Calculate that if a simple consultation can cost hundreds of dollars, the expenses that would imply a hospitalization or surgical intervention would exceed the thousands. To give you an idea, there are many travelers who have multiple debts precisely because when traveling they forgot to take out travel insurance for the USA . Avoid falling into that yourself by being cautious and buying travel insurance for the United States that will allow you to access the medical assistance service abroad without having to put a penny out of your pocket.

5 travel insurance if you are stranded abroad

Faced with the current global situation declared a pandemic, many travelers were stranded in different countries around the world as a result of the coronavirus. In this case, it is essential to contact your travel insurance advisor to extend your policy or issue a new one from abroad. Moreover if you are a frequent traveler you also seek for traveler assistance that are available in the United States of America, the most popular standard Traveler assistance Programs that help frequent travelers with various Traveling assistance and grants.

Companies such as Protegetuviaje.com offer plans and services for stranded people.

Regarding this product, one of our clients commented: “I really felt excellently served: (a) because the company foresaw that I would need the service; (b) showed me and explained in detail their different offers, (c) processed my request for the chosen service, (d) adapted the service to my needs, (e) the attention of the person who attended me was always immediate, with continuous, friendly and polite communication, (f) I received excellent care for which I am very satisfied.”

Here you can see more comments from our customers.

Insurance for stranded people

We have listed some companies that offer insurance for stranded people

  1. Protectuviaje.com
  2. Europe Assistance
  3. Universal Assistance
  4. Qualitas Assistance 
  5. Be guroparaviaje.com

How to get travel insurance for stranded people?

For more information, you can consult our web page Protegetuviaje.com and contact an executive advisor to solve your requirements. Currently, many companies have adapted their products to the needs of passengers, providing a better coverage benefit. New travel plans initiated is a privilege for passengers who have not been able to return to their country of origin.

On the other hand, it is important to be kept informed by world organizations about the current situation. For this reason, the WHO recommends  advice for international transport in relation to the outbreak of the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV

“Through health professionals, travel health centers, travel agencies, transportation operators and points of entry, public health authorities should provide information to travelers to reduce the overall risk of acute respiratory infections. The WHO standard recommendations published on its website, Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV): Guidance for the public are directed at the general public in order to reduce exposure to and transmission of various diseases, protect oneself and others, and not get sick when traveling.”

Can I extend my travel insurance during my trip?

Yes, if you need insurance or want to extend your trip, you can get an extension for a certain period of time.  We recommend that you contact the travel insurance company and notify them of your case. It is important to provide data such as: country of residence, country in which you are currently and a means of contact. They will verify your case and provide the best response and support possible.

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