Types of Escape Rooms To Amaze And Delight Every Age Group

Escape rooms are real physical adventure fun games where participants need to solve puzzles with the help of hints and clues. They need to follow strategies for completing specific objectives. Players usually get an hour to solve the puzzles for escaping the room

Atlanta escape gamesoffer different types of games that are challenging in a slightly different way than others. Some escape rooms are suited for larger teams since they need a good amount of teamwork and thought processes. Others are perfect for a team of two people as each player is given a chance of solving the puzzle.

Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room is one of the leading and amazing companies thatoffers the most unique and a wide range of exciting and delightful escape room games for all age groups. They have two great locations, in downtown Atlanta and at the Mall of Georgia in Buford, GA. Both their convenient locations have different escape rooms and they keep adding more escape room games with better ideas. Visit their website, choose the location and the theme of your interest to have a fun night out that is sure to create amazing stories.

Types of escape rooms

It is important to understand which room is suitable for your friends and family or the corporate team. It will help you to distinguish the type of escape game room suited for your group size and the levels of skills.

Linear escape rooms

This type of escape room is great for smaller teams with several puzzles that can be solved in a sequence. The questions keep coming one after the other and unless you solve the previous clue, you do not get to see the next one. You might have to go through several rooms till you reach the final goal but the door of the next room opens only when you have solved the puzzles in the previous room.

Therefore, linear escape rooms:

  • Are good for beginners and small groups.
  • Are well-organized.
  • Do not confuse the players with extra information.

Non-linear escape room

If you have a group of 10 people then it would be great to choose a non-linear escape room that can keep each player engaged with riddles. The groups can split into smaller teams and focus on different challenges. The best escape room Atlanta with non-linear escape rooms:

  • Have a clear sequence.
  • Suitable for big groups.
  • Keep all the team members busy.

Scavenger Hunts escape room

These can be linear, non-linear, or a mix of both as they have no puzzles to solve and o strategies involved. It is all about finding hidden objects like keys and paper slips that the escapists will have to find.

Red Herring escae room

This can have several misleading clues that are meant to distract and waste your time. It is to confuse the group and needs enough patience and experience to reach the goal.

Paranoia Quest Escape rooms offer you a true room experience that is like a treat as the challenges are exciting and fun with the players trying different ways to solve the puzzles through different paths.

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