Two key reminders to fix google index is the wrong page

You have to update the content and tags of your website regularly using google index to increase its visibility in the search engine. If the ranking of your page is not showing at the top of the search engine then you have to fix this glitch named google index is the wrong page [google index ผิดหน้า, which is the term in Thai] carefully. 

  1. Check your domain name 

You have to check your domain name if it is not indexed by google. Sometimes, glitches may appear in providing a domain name. Therefore, you need to check the domain name minutely before its launch. You have to check if there are any typos occurring in the domain name or not. 

  • To develop an error-free domain name, you need to check WordPress minutely. You have to change the settings in developing the website. Moreover, you have to check that your IP address should redirect your weblink. 
  1. Make it mobile-optimized 

You have to remember that search engines always prefer websites that are optimized for mobile phone use. The increasing number of mobile phones, tablets, and other devices users has made this thing important. Therefore, you have to make your website mobile phone friendly in order to get indexed accurately by Google. 

  • You can have your mobile-optimized website by changing the designs of your website. You should work on the navigation tool that directs the users to see the content of your webpage. 
  • You can test your website using some online testing tools whether the page is operating on mobile phone screens or not. If your website gets a lower rank then you should work on your metrics to make it more mobile phone friendly.  

Finally, you need to Speed-up your page therefore it can be shown at the top of the search engine. You need to update your server to get more speed on your website. 

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