Try making something from custom Kraft boxes at home: 5 DIY

Kraft Boxes

Gather up a bunch of custom Kraft boxes, a simple sewing machine, and some thread, and you can make something cool. Specifically, you can create this adorable DIY gift from some old paper-box Kraft bags. It’s so easy that even the most inexperienced crafter should be able to pull it off with minimal trouble. If you’re ready to try your hand at building your own cute companions from recycled materials. Or just want to find an innovative new way to reuse boxes. Then these instructions are for you.

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Make something that can show love:

Everybody can do with some extra love, and sometimes the best way to show it is through small gifts. If you feel this way, start with a paper box from your grocery store, which you can easily turn into a kawaii heart-shaped plush. Therefore, it’s a great gift for those who need some extra cheering up, and it’s super simple to make!

The process:

1) Wash all bags 3 times in order to get rid of the smell of food. Blow-dry in order for bags to shrink.

2) Cut out the paper from around the plastic bag.

3) Put on the plastic bag circles inside of bags, and the pictures face outwards again.

4) Use a sewing machine to sew bags together. Put the needle in, pull up thread, repeat.

5) Cute heart-shaped plush for your home or friend.

Make a heart-shaped Kraft box:

Why do you need to have heart-shaped custom Kraft boxes? In February, you’re thinking to show your special someone some love and affection. Wouldn’t it be great if you could send them a Kraft box with the printing techniques of a box printer in the shape of a heart as a way to show them your love? Hence, this is a unique case where the custom Kraft packaging boxes have been put to good use. In addition, it’s a great gift for someone who loves to remember a time in which they were sad.

The process:

1) The DIY Kraft box is designed in the shape of a heart. You can do this by cutting out both sides of the top and bottom half of the bag. You do this by following some simple directions from this step-by-step tutorial.

2) You slide the heart-shaped paper into the bag.

3) Using a needle and thread, you sew the two halves of the bag together. As a result, the two sides of the heart are attached and form a full, heart-shaped paper box.

4) This can be used as a gift box or as a decoration for your home.

Make a cute little Kraft box:

If you love DIY crafts that build things out of empty boxes, then this is something that you might like making. It’s simple, heart-shaped custom Kraft boxes that you can put to use in any way you see fit. Hence, this is the kind of gift that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other time of the year when you might want to make someone feel loved.

The process:

1) Gather up a bunch of Kraft paper bags and cut out their bottoms.

2) Put together the box with a sewing machine. Use nylon thread and sew lengths of the filament to form squares. In addition to this, sew these squares together to form an open cube.

3) Add the paper to cover the box, starting with the top and finishing with a bow at the bottom.

4) Last but not least, use small, heart-shaped stickers to decorate the outside of your custom Kraft packaging boxes.

Customize a gift box:

It is easy to customize these little gifts in any color scheme that you choose, making them extra special. Hence, this is a way to package up your heart-felt emotions and give them to someone in a physical form. And this is such a thoughtful thing to do. Therefore, if you decide to make this kind of gift, be prepared for just how much joy it will bring somebody once they have their very own Kraft box.


Since you won’t have to recycle the custom Kraft window boxes you can reuse from the grocery store, they are eco-friendly. If you use these instead of plastic bags for your DIY projects, you are also avoiding unnecessary plastic waste. Hence, this way you will be making a fun box without harming mother Earth.

Love a little more:

If you’re looking for an easy and thoughtful way to give someone a gift that stems from your heart. Then these simple paper-box Kraft bags can help. Moreover, it’s a small gesture, but one that will show how much you care about somebody. Hence, this is truly something that anybody with access to Kraft paper boxes and some free time could create.

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