Transformational Coaching Downtown Miami


Downtown Miami is a very luxurious and top of the notch area which we really emphasize our transformational coaching Downton Miami. This area is one of the areas that we service because we believe it is important to be a part of the development of Miami and therefore attract the attention of customers in all the important areas. When we started the company of Austin Morell Training we had a dream of being able to help our future and current clients achieve their fitness goals in a unique and successful way. Our fitness trainers Downtown Miami do exactly that. They go above and beyond, giving a luxurious training to all the clients we have. 

Training that Comes to You

Another advantage of training with Austin Morell Training, rather than with another company is that our trainers are specialized in making our customers feel safe and comfortable. Our male personal trainer Brickell, has been an amazing addition and we have received many delightful comments in regards of him service, timeliness and well manners. We make sure to groom our trainers so that when they go to a session it is imperative that they treat the clients with care and respect. The transformational coaching Downtown Miami is a one of a kind experience where we really focus on brining unique and fun work outs to all of our clients. We also have the advantage of having trainers that are willing to travel to our clients and that thus making it easier for our clients. We try to make training as hassle free as possible and allowing our clients to be able to train from their homes is a big advantage. This is why we differ from other companies because usually trainers only train in a specific location, we try to make sure we can best fit to our clients schedule and make their time worth while. 

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Cancelation Policy for AMT

In order for our business to work as a business and receive all the wonderful reviews we have received it is important that we have a strict policy in regards to cancelations. At the end of the day there is a limited amount of trainers and thus a limited amount of times that these trainers can work and be there for our clients. We understand that sometimes emergencies come up and life happens and when things like this occur we just implore our clients to let us know right away what issue they might be having. If this is is a one time issue we usually allow the class to go without charge and we either reschedule it or move it towards the end of your cycle. Now, it  is important to note that if this is something that is done every other week we must be strict and make sure our time is not being lost, therefore the class will be charged as if the client showed up. This makes it possible for all of our clients to be booked with time and it allows us to be there for all the clients that need us.

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