Transform Your Home with Smart Lighting

Smart homes are the pinnacle of comfortable living. With home automation now making its way into more and more Australian households, it is projected to have integrated into 69.3% of Aussie households by 2026. 

Let’s break smart homes down and focus on one of their most integral components.

Smart lighting is rising in popularity and is gaining traction by the day due to its functionality and energy efficiency. Let’s delve into it a little deeper and understand how smart lighting can transform your living space.

Having a Verisure home alarm system gives you and your family peace of mind while you’re gone.

How Can Smart Light Systems Improve Quality of Life and Comfort?

Isn’t it annoying when you wake up before sunrise and have to switch on your lights to see? The sudden blinding flash and increased light exposure are unpleasant and, at times, painful.

The most comfortable way to start the day is with gradually lifting dim lights, controlled by intelligent lighting and automatic blinds working together.

You can utilize this technology to ensure that the lighting in your room always stays at a comfortable level. Moreover, you can even link it up with your alarm system to delicately rouse you from your sleep.

Smart Lights Means Lower Electricity Consumption

Inefficient lighting can result in a fat electricity bill. It can be due to many reasons such as wrong bulb choice, below-par lighting design, or even something simple as leaving the lights on in your absence.

With smart lighting and automatic woes, you can navigate these issues by setting up efficient lighting room-by-room. Moreover, you can implement custom settings for specific times to top it off.

Accidentally leaving your lights after exiting your house isn’t a problem anymore, since they can be switched off remotely. Moreover, your home automation system will detect the temperature outside and immediately lower the blinds if the temperature is higher than usual. Make sure to choose electricity plans that support this automation system since that will help to save a lot on your power bills.

This keeps your house cool, without having to bother your air-conditioners.  

Tips to Transform Your Home with Smart Lighting

With smart lights lasting considerably longer than traditional lights, they offer great functionality and visual appeal. Below mentioned are several ways to leverage smart lights to transform your home.

  1. Use Motion Sensors

Smart lights can provide superb usability when it comes to protection against burglars. You can program them to glow exceedingly bright when the alarm system detects suspicious movement.

  1. Use a Virtual Assistant

Use the Google Home App apps to simplify your entire smart lighting experience.

The app can make a note of your entire home lighting requirements (e.g., dimming) and reminds you via timely alerts.

You can create a custom routine where your virtual assistant controls your smart lighting system if you demand further customisation. By this, you can turn the lights on and off at your beck and call.

  1. Match Your Smart Light Colors and Home Theme

Not only do smart lighting systems offer you great functionality and utility, but they can also blend in and enhance the aesthetic of your home.

In-built colour schemes provide you with a wide range of options to choose from. Set your lighting to match the room’s theme to add to the visual appeal.

  1. Setup Bias Lights

Viewing a bright screen in the darkness can be tiring on your eyes.

Raise the room’s ambient lighting by introducing bias lights behind your TV. This way, you can give your eyes a neutral reference point to focus on.


Integrating home automation into your daily life can substantially improve your quality of life.  

Moreover, the successful implementation of smart lighting technology can solve all your lighting-related woes and save energy.

Therefore, time to make the switch to smart lighting, if you haven’t already.

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