Traditional Benzodiazepines Sleeping Tablets


Benzodiazepines are a class of drugs that can be taken to treat a variety of conditions, including anxiety and insomnia (the inability to sleep). They are often provided in the form of tablets or capsules. Benzodiazepines have the potential to be useful drugs when they are used in the manner recommended by a physician. Nevertheless, there is the potential for adverse effects, particularly if they are not used appropriately or are taken often for more than a few weeks. Here are some of the most commonly used benzodiazepines.

Types of Benzodiazepines 

Nitrazepam: This is a hypnotic medicine belonging to the benzodiazepine family that is used for the temporary alleviation of severe and debilitating anxiety as well as sleeplessness. This medication is available under the branded product Mogadon, among other names.

Flurazepam: This is a sleep medication that is authorized for use in patients who have problems falling asleep or staying asleep. Because it blocks some receptors, it makes it easier to stay asleep throughout the night.

Etizolam: This is recommended for patients who have problems falling asleep or staying asleep. It does this by inhibiting activity in the area of the central nervous system that is responsible for keeping you awake. 

Quazepam: This is a somewhat long-acting benzodiazepine derivative medication. It is offered under a variety of trade names, including Doral. Those who have problems nodding out on their own are encouraged to try it.

Triazolam: This is a central nervous system stimulant as well as a sedative. This medication is marketed under the trade name Halcion, among other names. This drug is given to patients who suffer from a specific sleep disorder (insomnia). It might make falling asleep more quickly, help you remain asleep for longer, and reduce waking up throughout the night. 

Temazepam: This is a medication that works by affecting neurotransmitters in the brain, some of which may be out of whack in individuals who have issues sleeping (insomnia). Temazepam induces sleepiness, which enables patients to more easily fall asleep. This effect is achieved via the medication’s ability to slow down the nervous system.

Librium: Also known as chlordiazepoxide, is a medication that combats insomnia by inhibiting the action of a hormone that stimulates alertness. The Food and Drug Administration has given its approval for its use as a treatment for patients who suffer from insomnia. 

Ativan: Also known as lorazepam, is a sleep aid that has been given the okay to be prescribed to patients who have difficulties getting asleep and staying asleep. It does this by blocking the parts of the central nervous system that are responsible for maintaining the waking state.

How Do Traditional Benzodiazepines Work?

The central nervous system is where these sleeping tablets exert their effect by preferentially binding specific neurotransmitters in the brain known as GABA receptors. These receptors may be broken down into three different categories inside the brain. This receptor is, in most cases, the primary inhibiting neurotransmitter in the brain which is very helpful in blocking some nerve actions. The neurotransmitter is involved in the regulation of a wide variety of brain activities, including motion, vision, anxiety, and many others.

Typical Side Effects Caused by Benzodiazepines

Some people who use medications from this category report experiencing adverse symptoms including drowsiness, tiredness, or dizziness. While under the influence of these medicines, it is unwise to go behind the wheel of a vehicle, operate heavy equipment, or engage in other potentially hazardous activities. Consuming alcohol while also taking benzodiazepines has the potential to amplify the effects of both substances.

Traditional benzodiazepines are known to have side effects, such as abnormal sleep habits and anterograde amnesia. There are a few different benzodiazepines that are known to have this very potent amnesic action.

The liver is responsible for the breakdown of many traditional benzodiazepines; when these medications are coupled with pharmaceuticals that prevent this function, the blood levels of the traditional benzodiazepines might increase, which can have adverse consequences. Because they interact with the liver enzymes less often, lorazepam, oxazepam, and temazepam have a lower probability of this danger.

Furthermore, given the vast number of additional possible interactions, it is essential to do medication interaction screening with either your pharmacist or your physician. Patients must not cease taking any medicine, including benzodiazepines, without first consulting with their physician, even if they are experiencing side effects from the drug. 

When Should I Use Traditional Benzodiazepines?

When treating extreme anxiety or severe sleeplessness, which are both having a substantial influence on your day-to-day life, benzodiazepines are the only medications that should be used. There are several circumstances in which the use of benzodiazepines may not be the most effective therapy option. For instance, if you are going through a period of grief, these medications may dull your feelings and prevent you from fully mourning your loss. On the other hand, your feelings of loss and fear may prevent you from falling or staying asleep. In this scenario, using these medications for a limited amount of time might assist you in unwinding and getting your health back on track.

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