Top Ways To Choose the Best Glasses for Students

These past two years have been difficult for kids, especially for students who have to sit in front of computers attending online classes for a long time. Being constantly on screen, attending online classes, watching funny videos, and surfing the internet – puts a significant strain on students and leaves no option other than switching to glasses. 

Additionally, it puts them under huge pressure since they also have to complete their online assignments and submit them on time. Having a hectic schedule, it becomes difficult for them to cooperate, and not having proper eyewear to wear at this time becomes an added burden. 

All these glasses play a significant role in any student’s life. They help them improve their vision and help them concentrate efficiently on their studies. Hence the usage of glasses also has drastically increased, not only for school-going students but also for small kids. 

Top Ways To Choose the Best Glasses for Students

When it comes down to choosing glasses, there is a wide range of things one has to keep in mind before purchasing them. But when the purchase decision is for a student, it’s increasingly important to be mindful of the following things so that you choose the best eyewear for your child. Let’s dive in!

1. Frame Size and Designs

It’s essential to find out what size of frame best fits your child. If they are found to have high power, it’s advised not to go for large frames due to the thickness of the lens. This makes kids highly uncomfortable, and they start to avoid wearing such eyewear to school. 

Additionally, there’s also an increased risk of peripheral or blurred vision caused by the profound aberration of large lenses. Since a plethora of brands offer the best glasses for students, it’s best to let your child decide the size and designs of the frame. 

2. Material of the frame

When it comes down to purchasing glasses, frames are an important element to focus on. These are primarily available in plastic as well as metal. However, the composition of such frames mainly varies from one frame to another. The wide range of frame materials includes polyamides, Co-polyamides, and gliamides which is one of the forms of blended nylon. 

3. Material of the lens

One of the most important factors to consider while choosing top-notch glasses for your kids is the material of the lens. If you are thinking of choosing glass lenses, then it’s quite a bad choice since there is always a high risk of getting cracks in the lenses while they head out to play in the park.

Polycarbonate or trivex is a preferred option since they provide more comfort than regular plastic lenses. Moreover, if your kid’s eyes have high power, then don’t miss out on buying an eye index. It helps to reduce the thickness of the lens with ease. 

Some of the added bonuses of choosing this particular lens type include being lightweight, impact-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, such a type of lens also serves protection against UV sun rays. This lens type is even recommended as the best infant eyeglasses because kids are more likely to get scratches.

4. Spring Hinges

Kids usually find it difficult to wear glasses at such an early stage of their life. Infants and toddlers are the ones that actually face this difficulty. Although parents are there to advise and tell them the necessary dos and don’ts of wearing glasses, kids still don’t really adapt to wearing glasses easily. 

There may be situations where kids may fall asleep while wearing glasses or start jumping and running, which can highly damage the frames. But there’s a solution for everything. 

Spring hinges are helpful in such situations since they allow frame temples to easily adjust without causing any possible damage. Spring hinges have highly proven to be beneficial mostly among multiple toddlers and infant eyeglasses.

5. Appropriate Bridge Fit

As everyone’s quite aware of it, children’s noses aren’t fully developed. Especially infants who have an even smaller nose find it difficult to wear glasses with ease since the frame keeps sliding down. This is why the parent should be highly responsible for choosing an appropriate frame that suits the child’s bridge of the nose. 

Choosing metal frames is a good option as they come with adjusting pads and help to easily adjust to the size that best fits the kid. This unique and beneficial feature also comes with plastic frames, which serve a wide range of frame designs, sizes, and colors.

6. Warranties and Backup Frame

When it comes down to your kid, it’s essential that you take a step forward and keep your child’s security on top priority. Moreover, it becomes increasingly important to take complete responsibility if it’s the first time your kid is wearing glasses. In such a situation, always keep the eyeglass warranty in your hand. 

Apart from that, it’s also important and beneficial to keep a backup frame when it comes down to purchasing eyeglasses for children. Since they might damage the glasses while playing or roaming around – there’s always a risk of breaking glasses which can leave you stranded in a situation if you don’t have backup eyewear. Since it is difficult to visit the optical every time, buy a backup frame and keep it at home for safety purposes. 

Wrapping Up 

Choosing the perfect glasses for students might appear to be daunting at times, but with due diligence and the right guidance, it can become a cakewalk. Before making your final call, you must consider all the aspects starting from the face shape, vision prescription, and personal choice. 

It is always better to have a wide range of options from which you can choose and finalize your eye frame. This is where Lenskart can help you. Providing a plethora of eyeglasses for students, they help you pick the perfect one for yourself. Head on to their website today and begin your hunt for the best student glasses.

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