Top Tips to Follow Before Buying Chemo Head Scarves

Loss of hair is a common side effect observed in chemotherapy patients. Such an undesirable impact can dent your self-confidence.

Headgears or scarves are great items to face this adversity in style.

With approximately 65% of patients experiencing hair loss, experts believe it is beneficial to be ready. By choosing the perfect scarves for chemo patients, you can prepare for potential chemotherapy-induced hair loss.

However, before buying chemo scarves, it’s vital to make a note of some crucial points. Here’s how you can make the best decisions in the process of chemo scarf shopping.

Study Common Chemo Scarf Materials

Before buying a chemo scarf, it is vital to choose the most suitable material for your head. The extent of hair loss is uncertain before treatment.

Generally, chemo scarves are made from prominent raw materials mentioned below.

  • Bamboo
  • Silk
  • Spandex
  • Jersey
  • Rayon
  • Cotton

Based on your location, the climate will demand suitable materials. For instance, silk is an all-season material, whereas jersey knit scarves are perfect in cold temperatures.

Thus, you should always wear a chemo scarf according to the current weather. This point is crucial as your head and scalp deserve optimum comfort.

Prefer Pre-Tied Chemo Scarves

If you are unaware of styling techniques, it is benign to opt for pre-tied scarves. These scarves provide a hassle-free way to kick-start your day.

Most pre-tied chemo scarves do not require an intricate tying procedure. These benefits of pre-tied scarves make them a popular option amongst chemo patients.

  • Ease of use
  • High convenience
  • Wide variety of patterns
  • Longtails

You can wear such scarves comfortably by watching a couple of relevant videos. Overall, pre-tied scarves for chemo patients focus on simplicity and practicality.

Aim for the Perfect Size and Fit

Nobody looks good in a loose headscarf. On the contrary, a tight one can pressurise the nerves on your head. Hence, measuring your head is a no-brainer before buying chemo headscarves.

What do you need? The following items will be sufficient.

  • Measuring tape
  • Diary or notebook

Start measuring the diameter of your head by placing the tape on your natural hairline. Usually, the midpoint of your forehead is the best starting point in the measuring process.

Note the head size in inches on the notebook. Remember to hold the tape above the ears for perfect measurement. You can order your favourite coloured scarf corresponding to the size accordingly.

Customise Your Style

Chemo scarves can accentuate your style statement. These headgears can become an essential part of your personality during and after the treatment.

So, it is ideal to select chemo scarves that carry your aura. You can choose to opt for black scarves at the beginning, gradually shifting towards trending patterns.

On the other hand, you can choose from a wide variety of styles and patterns too. It is essential to embrace your look and stay optimistic during chemotherapy.

Undoubtedly, chemo scarves are perfect for boosting your spirits. You can even continue to wear them after your hair grows back.

Final Thoughts

Losing your hair is tough. However, it isn’t the end of the world. Chemotherapy-induced hair loss is no excuse for losing your style quotient. You can remain stylish with chemo scarves.

Chemo scarves come in attractive designs and colours. So, if you need to shop for chemo scarves, be sure to follow the tips mentioned.  

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