Top Common Services Offered at Wolchok Eye Associates

The eye is usually the most delicate organ in the body that requires you to seek special care when experiencing any problems affecting your vision. Some common symptoms you experience when you have an eye condition are pain, redness, swelling discharge from the eye, and loss of vision. You should consult an eye specialist who will diagnose and offer the best treatment for your condition before serious complications arise. You can, therefore, consult Stephen M. Wolchok MD, an eye specialist to carry out some examinations and evaluations to detect eye conditions and promote the health of your eyes. Examples of services rendered include:

Eye exam

In most cases, you must begin your annual eye exam appointments after you reach forty because you risk developing eye problems like glaucoma. The reason for recommending an eye examination is to help diagnose certain healing problems. If they do not exist, your care provider helps you come up with preventive measures to help prevent serious complications. A comprehensive eye exam includes a peripheral vision test, personal medical history, intraocular eye pressure checks for glaucoma, family medical history, pupil response test, current medication review, and visual acuity test, among many others.

Treatment of cataracts

Usually, cataracts are an eye condition that commonly affects people about forty years old and usually develops gradually. In most cases, it is usually linked to natural changes occurring within your lenses, whereby they appear clouded, which affects your vision. They can also develop following trauma to the eye. Other factors can increase your risk of developing cataracts, including alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, and excessive exposure to the sun. In this case, your care provider can perform cataract surgery to help restore your vision by replacing the damaged lens.

Treating glaucoma

Glaucoma usually causes damage to your optic nerve, and it is of two types. Primary open-angle glaucoma occurs due to excess fluid accumulation in your eyes, especially the aqueous humor. In this case, the fluid usually moves via the trabecular meshwork, commonly referred to as the drainage angle. Acute angle-closure glaucoma occurs when the iris and ciliary body blocks the flow of fluid through the trabecular, thus resulting in the fluid build-up.

Glasses prescription

Your care provider usually performs a visual acuity examination to help determine if you got an eye problem that requires you to use glasses. After determining that you need eyeglasses to correct your eye problem, your care provider checks your vision using various lenses to help him prescribe the best glasses for your condition. The care providers can also prescribe contact lenses.

Treatment for red eyes

Red eyes usually mean that the white part of your eye, the sclera, has dilated veins or diffuse redness. The redness may be due to several conditions, such as glaucoma, dry eyes, cellulitis, conjunctivitis, and allergies, among many others. In this case, your care provider treats the underlying medical conditions to help resolve the redness in your eyes.

Other services offered include treating macular degeneration, dry eyes, and floaters. Therefore, if you suffer from any eye condition, you can schedule your appointment at Wolchok Eye Associates today and receive the best treatment for your condition and prevent serious eye complications like blindness. For this reason, you should consult an eye specialist when experiencing persistent pain, redness, or discharge from your eyes. You can also call their offices and inquire about other eye services or book an appointment for your annual eye exam.

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