Top Activities For Kids In Malta

The kids will undoubtedly be content with the eat-sleep-beach pattern for one or two days, but if you keep them there for much longer, you risk a full-blown riot. Malta has a lot to offer you and your children that you and they can enjoy long after the bucket and spade have been put away, thanks to its blend of European culture, stunning scenery, and family-friendly activities. This list of the best things to do in Malta for kids will take you from the modest seas of Comino Island to the outdoor joys of the Ta’ Qali National Park and the depths of the Mdina Dungeons—a “via media” that skips the vineyards and discards Disney.

Island Of Comino

If you don’t agree with the saying that the finest things come in small packages, the tiny Comino Island, which is part of the Maltese archipelago and is located between Malta and Gozo, can let you see things from a different angle. There is minimal development, no traffic, and limited habitation in this location, which has served as the backdrop for numerous movies and television series. The air is fragrant with indigenous plants, and the blue waters are spotless. The lagoons on Comino are perfect for a day excursion because they are shallow enough for kids to swim comfortably and provide lots of possibilities to dive deeper.

Romana Domvs

The remains of the old empire may still be seen in Malta today because it was ruled by the Romans for ten centuries. The remnants of a Roman townhouse, known as Domvs Romana, were found in Rabat in 1881. Today, the site is home to a newly rebuilt museum that features some of the best-preserved mosaic floors found anywhere in the Roman Empire. This is a terrific activity for a family day in Malta because it provides shade from the midday sun while educating children about life as a Roman aristocracy.

National Aquarium Of Malta

The Malta National Aquarium in Qawra, which cares for marine life from the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, lets visitors get up and personal with over a hundred species, including sharks, jellyfish, seahorses, and clown fish (otherwise known as Nemo). The aquarium has collaborated with a variety of NGOs to support regional conservation initiatives and raise awareness throughout the area, with a focus on preventing the extinction of aquatic species and replicating natural ecosystems. You can tell they’re serious since even the structure is designed to resemble a starfish.

Ta Qali National Park

With its abundance of flora and fauna, this national park has grown to be a well-liked local destination for picnics and leisurely afternoon strolls. The location of the former RAF base, which was extensively bombed during World War II, is now home to a crafts village where artisans offer filigree jewelry and other handmade goods. Watch demonstrations of glass-blowing, metal forging, lace, and woodworking to see the detailed processes of the merchants, many of whom are on-site.

Classic Car Museum Of Malta

Before the development of carbon fiber, making cars was an art. The Malta Classic Car Museum, a place devoted to the heyday of driving, honors the passion and talent that went into creating such cars as the 1956 Ford T-bird and the Honda Shadow. These displays, along with a collection of gramophones, jukeboxes, and mid-20th-century artifacts, will spark and feed the family’s nostalgia. Tear up the travel tickets and organize a grand excursion back home with its selection of classic cars available for purchase otherwise, settle for a gift shop facsimile.

Dungeons Of Mdina

Malta has not always welcomed visitors with the same warmth as it does now; this strategically important archipelago has seen a brutal past marked by invasion, occupation, and uprising. Kids can explore the underground pathways, rooms, and cells where enemies of Malta were imprisoned in the medieval Mdina Dungeons. It’s probably not the nicest thing to do with little kids, but it’s undoubtedly one of the scarier and most thrilling family activities in Malta.

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