Top 7 Housewarming Gifts That Your Friends Would Love

Shifting to a new home is a big step for everyone; it is like starting a new chapter of one’s life on a blank page. While stepping into this phase of life, your friends and family need nothing but best wishes and moral support from you. While we know that you wish them all the happiness in the world from the bottom of your heart, the ultimate way to show how much you care is to surprise them with beautiful housewarming gift items. Housewarming gifts are a way to show your support to the new residents while wishing them all the best for their future in the said dwelling. We can count ourselves lucky cause there are so many easy and amazing options available in the offline and online market that finding a gift is a cakewalk. But we do not want to bother even that much; that is why we are here with this exciting list of top 7 housewarming gifts to win your dear one’s heart! 

If your friend likes to decorate home, then Wooden gifts are surely best housewarming gift your friend would love

Potted Money Plant

Money plants are believed to attract wealth and prosperity wherever they grow; therefore, they obviously are at the top of the list! As the name describes, this one plant is said to bring tons of money to the owner, and the best part is they do not require a lot of looking after; hence a potted money plant makes the perfect housewarming gift for the one you want to wish good luck. 

Dinner Set

We know that this one is cliched at another level but think about it, this is one of the most useful presents for sure. A dinner set comes in lots of varieties and options; all you have to do is look for the one that, according to you, suits your friend’s needs the best. If you ask us, we think a pure bone china set works like a charm to impress both; the receiver and their guests. 

Decorative Lord Gautama Buddha Statue

Gautam Buddha always preached peace and love, two things everyone would want to have in their new home. That is why a serene Lord Buddha statue is a gift that you should definitely consider as a gift for your dear one’s new home. Not only does the figurine look absolutely beautiful, but it also fills the home with a heavenly feeling that can never be described in words. 

Crystal Lotus 

A present that symbolises and attracts all kinds of positive energy is surely a gift that your wonderful friend deserves. It is said that crystals attract negativity and turn it into tangible positivity; on the other hand, lotus is believed to symbolise prosperity, purity, love, grace and even fertility. Therefore, if the new house owners are a couple whom you know are trying, then this crystal lotus is truly a very meaningful gift.

Floral Bouquet Ceramic Diffuser

A fragrant, good smelling home is loved by all. So why not gift something that would make this happen! Give your lovely friends a beautiful floral ceramic diffuser that is decorated with the most bewitching flowers ever! You can easily find such diffusers online, and we suggest that you add fresh flowers before presenting them to them, which, of course, they can replace after some time. 

Coaster Set

Coasters are seriously one of the most underrated things ever! These lovely little items save a lot of effort for cleaning, they keep your surfaces safe, and of course, they look really cute and classy! You can get customised coasters for your friends, as you know them the most. The most popular coaster designs include rocky coasters, wooden coasters, picture coasters and many more. 

Custom Family Name Sign

A nameplate is one of the most crucial things for a new home; therefore, if you decide on getting them a beautifully designed name sign for them, it would honestly be a great idea. However, instead of going with the boring traditional full nameplates, go with the family name, written in a very stylishly chick way. You can look into the new neon name sign trend that looks so cool, though it is mainly for the indoors. So take your time and pick the one that you think looks better and the one that your friends need more. 

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