Top 7 Exciting Cooking Sim Games in 2022

In 2022, the cooking games sphere has expanded to a great extent with the introduction of fun and engaging games for both, mobile and PC. Hundreds of games are widely downloaded every year and are often regarded as the player’s favorite leisure activity. 

You can easily install and play restaurant simulation game on your android or iPhone. These games are not only exciting, but can also contribute immensely towards enhancing your concentration. If you are a beginner chef, these games can be highly beneficial for you as they help you to try new recipes virtually, before actually entering the kitchen. 

7 Best Cooking Sim games You must try in 2022

Various cooking sim games are available on the digital media, for downloading. Some of the websites even let you play them online. These games use attractive graphics, smart user interface and high-tech gameplay. 

If you are looking for the best cooking games, the following list can serve your purpose. 

  1. Diner Dash Adventures

Owned and published by PlayFirst, Diner Dash is a popular cooking video game which became one of the most downloaded restaurant games of all time. 

This game revolves around a protagonist called Flo, a brave and strong woman. She runs a group of restaurants and in Diner Dash, she is supposed to go around her restaurant and serve the customers. 

The gameplay has a specified time limit, within which Flo has to complete the order. The game is played in two levels- Career mode (involving Flo’s story) and Survival mode in which the player must complete the assigned tasks in a given time frame. 

2.Star Chef 2

Developed by 99games Online Private Limited, Star Chef 2 is an exciting video game. If you want to play restaurant simulation game which is fun and informative at the same time, this shall be your go-to cooking game. 

It has over 80 interesting story lines and 200+ recipes of dishes from different cuisines including burgers to Italian Frittata. The gameplay allows you to personalize the decorations and the ambience. 

Additional features include hiring chefs from different corners of the world, creating chef teams and learning about fun facts and history of different dishes. 

3.Cooking Fever

This exciting cooking game, developed by Nordcurrent and released in 2014, is still a popular game in the cooking sim category. While playing this game, you will need to manage several restaurants by preparing food and drinks and serving the customers.

As you move the higher levels, you will have to manage some other amenities of the restaurant like decoratives and kitchen appliances. This animated simulation game is one of the most downloaded games in the category with over 100 million downloads in 2017. 

4.Cooking Craze

Cooking Craze is another popular restaurant game in which you can explore different cuisines and cultures from different parts of the world, like Paris’ bakery, America’s burgers and many more. 

This game is a great medium to learn about different customer behavior and serve them to their satisfaction. You can upgrade the restaurant you are running and use the exclusive boosts to enhance your gameplay. Additionally, you can open new restaurants and bakeries with the comment cards you receive from your customers. 

5.World Chef

World Chef is a popular restaurant simulation game which allows you to try out new dishes and manage your customers. Here, the player needs to serve the best dishes from different cuisines referring to simple recipes and cater to customer orders. 

This game too, lets you choose the look of your restaurant and make it appealing enough to attract new customers. You can trade your ingredients with a friend and cook delicious cuisines to attract VIP guests. 

6.Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay

This game features the famous restaurateur, Gordon Ramsay who shall guide you in learning new recipes and preparing tasty delicacies. This game is often regarded as one of the most realistic cooking games due to its pragmatic presentation and environment. 

This game is easy-to-learn and has a user-friendly interface to facilitate a smooth gaming experience.  

7.Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook

Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook is a popular restaurant game series, released in 2015 by Office Create Corp. 

This game offers various interesting and unique features like collecting coins to spend on daily challenges, purchasable recipes, unlocking achievements at different levels, earning new recipes by playing frequently and many more. 

This cooking video game includes various modes, recipes, cuisines, dishes and events packs. 

To play restaurant simulation game, you can refer to this list of exciting games and choose your favorite one. 

These games are extremely popular among different age groups and are downloaded extensively for the fun, engaging, interactive and exciting experience they offer. 

You can go through the features of different cooking and restaurant games to explore your knack for preparing new delicacies and managing a group of customers. 

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