Top 5 Signs You Might Have Termites

Termites are most notorious for causing structural damage. Every year, homeowners spend as much as 5 billion dollars for damages resulting from a termite infestation. Termites mainly feed on cellulose, which is a substance found in the cell walls of plants and trees. It is no wonder that termites infest dead trees and wooden structures like wooden walls, floors, cabinets, and furniture. 

However, not all species of termites eat wood. Termites have varying kinds, each having specific diet and shelter preferences. In particular, subterranean species are something homeowners should worry about. The subterranean type is the most destructive because they reproduce fast and insatiably consume almost everything besides wood such as pipes, insulating materials, etc.

A termite colony can consist of millions of termites. With this population, they can destroy the structures of houses and buildings in no time. Termites work around the clock consuming wood and other materials. They literally never sleep.

Termite Detection

Detecting termites early on seldom happens. Only when the damage has been done that people begin to pay attention to the problem. Still, we should avoid having this frustrating scenario and not always wait for the damage to escalate beyond repair. When it comes to termite control, first, it is important to take heed of the different signs you might have these destructive pests inside your home:

  1. Mud tubes

It is typical of termites to burrow or dig tunnels into wooden structures. The tube-like tunnels are created through the termites’ saliva, dirt, and mud. These mud tubes are absolutely visible and they stretch to and fro the termites’ source of food. You will usually find these mud tunnels on your house’s external walls. If you want to protect your home’s structure from weakening and crumbling down sooner or later, do not ignore this sign.

  1. Deformed wood

Clearly, termites inflict damages mostly on wood and these damages are among the first signs you will see when you have termites at home. Termite-inflicted damage on wood look like blisters. Sometimes, you can see the wood buckling or swelling as if it has been damaged by water. You can assess the wood damage by tapping the wooden structure and normally a damaged wood produces a hollow sound. If this is the case, it means your home’s safety and stability are at great risk.

  1. Tapping noise

When you have termites infesting your house’s structures, you will definitely hear some weird tapping sounds. Termites make such sounds as a way of letting other termites know about potential threats. Oddly enough, termites create these sound signals by banging their heads on the walls of their mud tubes. These weird sounds are subtle but loud enough for you to hear especially of you place your ears next to the walls. You may also sense these rattling sounds emanating from the ceilings, basements, lofts, and/or under floorboards. 

  1. Droppings

Drywood termites specifically produce excrements that appear like mounds of pellets. The color of termite droppings is similar to that of wood. When termites have already built colonies within your home, you can spot a lot of these wood-colored droppings. This is one of the go signals for you to call a certified pest control technician.

  1. Bubbling paint

Once you have a termite infestation, you will notice that the paint on the wood is bumpy or bubbling. This occurs due to moisture build-up. Again, this damage caused by termites resembles water damage. So, if you see that most of your wooden structures have bubbling paint, you should seek help from termite control experts straight away.

Workers and soldiers of the termite colony are completely blind. Only the reproductives or “swarmers”, as well as their queen and the king, have the slightest ability to see. Anyway, the reproductive of the colony are the winged species that tend leave behind or discard their wings or even termite corpses after the mating process. The discarded wings or dead termites are additional signs of termite infestation. Still, these destructive critters can tear down a building or house because of their diligence to work 24 hours a day. Hence, they are the worst threat to your structural integrity. To successfully kill termites and save your home from unimaginable extent of damage, you have to call a trusted company that has wide experience in terms of termite control. 

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