Top 5 beard shaving tools for a defined jawline

Ever wondered what’s the magic behind those well-trimmed models in those large brand banners or the actors opting for a clean shaved look and making a women’s heart flutter? A dedicated Shaver kit it is that works the wonder.

Either to make the perfect impression on your first date or to sweep your clients on the first presentation, a defined jawline can do wonders. As much as we preach the idea of carrying one’s imperfections in one’s sleeves, flaunting those jawlines that you worked so hard upon is perfectly fine. After the hours of struggle in the gym with a lot of sweating and puffing, what comes next is the perfect shaving kit that could help creating the look that screams of confidence and power to charm. Be it your wedding day, photoshoot for portfolio, prom night, professional dinners or any big event of life which demands a well-groomed look, shavers are life savers.

So, if you are looking for that clean shaved chiseled jawline looks, here is a list of top 5 beard shaving tools to get the defined jawline look.

  1. GROOMIE BaldiePro Electric head shaver: The GROOMIE BaldiePro electric shaver comes with the smooth shave technology to give that perfect clean shaved look without bumps, burns and cuts in 3 minutes. It comes with 10,000 RPM motor, a smart display, IPx7 waterproof, works in both wet and dry shaving conditions and ensures mess free shave with a run time of 90 minutes. The kit includes: The BaldiePro Shaver, Smooth Shave blade, Accessory adaptor, Nose and Ear trimmer, Pre-Shave massager, 3-5-7 mm Clipper guards, Precision clipper and Exfoliation Brush. The product is budget friendly and offers a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.
  1. Head Shaver 7D: This is a 7D electric razor with larger head support area. It comes with a grooming kit of: rotary head shaver, hair trimmer, nose hair trimmer, cleansing brush, hair trimmer combs (3-5-7mm) and USB cable. This is designed with easy gripping, non-slip handle, a led display for battery percentage and IPx6 waterproof with a run time of 90 minutes. It is affordably priced.
  1. Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver Pro: Skull shaver is a 4D rechargeable rotary shaver for face and head. The Pro blades are designed for deeper cleaning, flexible shaving without nicks and cuts, works in both wet and dry conditions. It comes with a 600 mAh lithium-ion battery with a 30 minutes run time and is IPx5 waterproof which allows shaving in both dry and wet conditions. It is affordable.
  1. Wahl Clean and Close Electric Shaver: It features a lithium-ion battery with a run time of 90 minutes for a charge of 1 hour along with a 5-minute quick charge option. It comes with a pop-up trimmer, ergonomic rubber grips, picoting head for a flexible experience, charge indicator and IPx7 waterproof model. It is pocket friendly.
  1. Braun Electric Series 3 Razor: It features a micro comb technology for great skin comfort, designed for both wet and dry shave with 100% waterproof body, skin sensitive blades and powerful NiMH battery with a run time of 45 minutes. It is built with a thin precision head that makes it easy to reach difficult areas like under the nose. It is affordable.

Key Takeaway:

All these 5 shavers are the markets leaders under $100, featuring the qualities of the go to shavers for everyday use without burning a hole in the pocket. All these shavers and trimmers try to offer the best experience to its users. They have been trusted by salons and also for personal use over the time. The one feature that is extremely useful is that they come with travel friendly design and use, so you can pack them to sort your holiday salon needs. 

To recommend any one from the above 5 based on the best customer experience, I would love to suggest GROOMIE BaldiePro Electric head shaver for its ergonomic design and the shave friendly kit with various attachment. However, the usp of the product lies with the 30-day money back guarantee, which gives you the freedom to use it and find for yourself the experience of a fresh look each time. The company also offers a bundle of other products such as Pre shave oil, Aftershave Serums etc. for that perfect shaving experience. The Pre-shave oil designed by GROOMIE is paraben free with complete natural products to give a smooth after shave skin. 

Electric shavers have now become a part of day-to-day life which saves time, helps getting the look you desire and budget friendly. So, readers you can easily choose any of these shavers, the best in the market, based on your needs.

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