Top 4 Reasons You Should Take Your Medicines as Prescribed

Your physicians prescribe medicines for a reason. Taking them accurately in the right manner and at the proper time can prevent and control certain health conditions while reducing your risks of hospitalization and death. If you’re neglectful, certain mobile applications like My MedAdvisor can be your companion, notifying you when to take your pills. 

You should face the consequences when you don’t take your medicines as prescribed. To enlighten you further, here are the top 4 reasons why drinking your medicines according to what your doctors prescribed is important. 

Controls Chronic Condition

When you’re diagnosed with chronic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension, you must take your medicines as prescribed to control them. Controlling your chronic conditions prevents them from worsening and other complications that can affect your other organs and body systems. 

If you only take medicine when you want to, its effects will not improve your current condition, and the medicine cannot perform as it’s supposed to. 

Speeds Up Recovery and Healing Process

Aside from medicines that help with chronic conditions, certain medications can help with recovery and healing. For instance, pain relievers are created to relieve any pain you feel. However, you need to take them as prescribed for the medicine to take effect. Overconsuming your pain relievers can lead to harmful side effects that can affect certain organs in your body. 

On the other hand, when you have days when you forget to drink your medicine, you’re stopping the healing mechanism of your medicine, reversing the effects and causing a delay in the entire healing and recovery process. Ultimately, you might need to take the medication longer than prescribed because you are not religiously taking it, causing it to take effect slower and longer. 

Prevents Risks of Dangerous Side Effects

Taking your medicines the wrong way from how your doctor prescribed can hinder their positive effects on your body and increase the risks of harmful consequences and dangerous side effects. When you take more than what’s ended, you can become more ill and need to be confined in the hospital. 

This is why doctors and pharmacists are very straightforward with your prescriptions. They always make sure that they are prescribing the right medications with their corresponding dosages, depending on the health condition or disease they are used for. 

Provides A Smooth Medication Routine

Prescriptions exist for a reason, and it’s a given that managing a disease or a certain chronic condition can be overwhelming and stressful. When you simply follow your doctor’s instructions on when and how many prescribed medicines to drink every day, you don’t need to worry so much about it. You are guaranteed that your doctor has the best intentions for your health and safety. 

Aside from doctors, several pharmacies also allow you to have smooth refills of your prescribed medicines, promoting easy medication management. 

Take Your Prescribed Medicines Seriously 

Medications are invented to cure health conditions, but they have to be taken the right way in the right quantities to take effect. While doctors and pharmacists are responsible for keeping your medicines in check, it’s your sole responsibility to take them when it’s supposed to for your health’s overall improvement and disease prevention. 


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