Top 3 Free Screen Recorders for Windows

A screen recorder is an application designed to record the computer screen and take screenshots easily. Free and premium screen recorder applications accessible online nowadays catch the attention of almost everyone and encourage them to pick and use suitable applications.

An outstanding screen recorder can successfully capture the video that plays on the computer screen. So, its function is very similar to the video recording software.

Users of the free screen recorder get 100% satisfaction if they can capture and save the screen without any limitations like watermarking on the output file. But the free software always has some kind of restrictions. In the following, we will reveal the top 3 screen recorders available at no cost.

The Recommended Free Screen Recorders

The following are the top three free screen recorders that you can use:

  1. Bandicam

Bandicam is a popular lightweight screen recorder for Windows and is designed to capture anything on a personal computer as a first-class video. This application supports its users to record a certain area of the computer screen or capture the game which uses Vulkan, OpenGL, or DirectX graphics technologies. 

This user-friendly screen recording application lets users capture everything they like. They easily record their computer screen for the video tutorials with the user-friendly screen recording functions. They get an array of benefits from the scheduled recording, real-time drawing, webcam overlay, audio recording, and 24-hour long-term recording.

If you wish to properly use this free application for recording anything that plays on your computer screen, you can record lectures, Skype calls, Zoom meetings, games, and webinars with the choice and add narration from their microphone.

You can also get other benefits like recording the video from the webcam and sharing it on Vimeo or YouTube streams as per their wishes. The program is also easy to use and it’s especially great for computer newbies.

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  1. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a good application for video recording and live streaming. This open-source and free application gives an array of benefits for every user. The streamlined settings panel of this app supports its users to access an array of configuration choices and tweak any aspect of the recording or broadcast.

The main features of this application are advanced video and audio imprison and integration, setup of a limitless number of scenes and switching between them via routine transitions, perceptive audio mixers with the pre-loaded filters like the noise suppression, noise gate, and other things, powerful and user-friendly configuration choices.

You can use this application to add any new source, duplicate an existing one and alter the properties of such things. Here are the steps:

  • Open the OBS Studio.
  • Choose the Source box next to the Scenes and click the plus icon at the panel’s bottom.
  • Choose Display Capture from the menu and add title in the small pop-up window and click OK.
  • If you have several monitors, choose the title and download the arrow to access the drop-down list. Choose the display you like to capture and choose OK.
  • Click the Settings option by accessing the screen’s bottom right corner.
  • Select the output folder from the sidebar and choose the destination for the file under the “Recording Path”.
  • Click the “Start Recording” button in the screen’s lower-right corner.

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  1. Screencast-o-Matic

Screencast-o-Matic is a free application and designed to record the screen. You can use this application and capture any area of the screen for convenient and quick recordings. You will be happy to use various options such as adding video from the webcam and audio from the microphone.

Every user of this application can record as many videos as they like up to 15 minutes each and capture their webcam, any part of the screen, or both for a picture in picture effect. They can add stock music and captions to their recording.

They can also add audio narration from the chosen microphone. If you have chosen this application, then you can use the trim tool and edit the start and end of the video. You can directly upload to Google Drive, Screencast-o-Matic, or YouTube. You can also share it with the embed code or direct link.

Besides video recording, this software also comes with a video editing feature. This is very good as you can capture the video, then edit or enhance the video before share to your friends or relatives.

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Everyone with an expectation to choose and use the free screen recorder and if you are not sure which program to choose from, get any one of the free applications recommended above.

You can focus on everything about these applications and make a good decision to use the suitable application as per your desire. If you found that the free recording apps still lack some functionalities, you can get the paid screen recording application.

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