Tips to Select the Most suitable Vortex Shedding Flow Meter

Vortex shedding flow meter

The Vortex shedding flow meter is somewhat different from other flow meters as it uses the principle known as the Von Karman effect. The principle states that when the flow of liquids and gasses passes through a bluff body, a pattern of swirling vortices is created simultaneously. It is repeated as a continuous activity when the pipeline flows through as the shed vortices are carried downstream in the flow. These are then detected by vortex shedding and fluidic flowmeters, and the same is measured. The vortex shedding flowmeters measure liquids and water’s velocity of varied types and are extensively used in modern industries.  

Industries that use ordinary water, boiler feedwater, hydrocarbons, cryogenic liquids, chemicals, air, industrial gases, steam, and nitrogen measure the flow with the help of this Flow Meter. However, the flow meters must be top quality; otherwise, they will not give the right measurement. You would need to browse for a good supply source from a reliable dealer who has years of experience in this area and has been supplying all kinds of flow meters in the international market.

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Low Maintenance and Easy to Install Flow Meter

It is pretty easy to install a vortex flowmeter if you ask your technicians to do so in your factory. There are no moving parts which is one of the big advantages of this flow meter. It means you have to spend less time to maintain and repair. There is less leak occurring with this flow meter, and it also has a wide flow turndown range.

The vortex flowmeters use less energy when compared to other kinds of flow meters. It would mean that you can save on your power bills. When you need to calibrate it after using it for some time, your technicians will be able to do it with ease. They need to set the frequency generator at the upper range value and then adjust the fine-span screw to achieve 100% value. Your technical expert will disconnect the frequency generator, connect the signal lead, and modify it to zero. With this done, you will find the input and output matches accordingly.

The measurements are then taken with the help of a quality Paperless Recorder that can measure data over time. The Silver Instruments Co supplies some of the best paperless recorders in the international market.

Flow Meter and Usage

There are several types of flow meters, and each is used according to its function specific to industries. A mass flow meter, also known as an inertial flow meter, is installed to measure the mass flow rate of fluid flowing through a pipe. On the other hand, a gas flow meter is a specialized flow meter used to measure the volume of fuel gases, including natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas.

There are other flow meters, and if you need more updated information, you may contact the above online site.

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