Preparing a healthy meal can be a task these days. You have so many options in the market and overwhelming information on the internet about what to eat in a day and what to avoid. We have seasonal and exotic fruits and vegetables available with us, so deciding what to eat can get difficult and then there is a variety of fast food available at your disposal. It is advisable that you must cook at home, this helps you take control of your diet and incorporate healthy eating. You can take help from a women’s nutrition coach. Further, we will discuss the tips to make a healthy meal.

  • Use seasonal vegetables:

It is advisable to cook seasonal vegetables as they are fresher and have more nutrients and antioxidants whereas hybrid produce has less amount of nutrient content due to long-term improper storage they lose their nutritional value while being transported.

  • Choose whole food:

You should always look for whole and unprocessed food. This includes choosing whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, and whole-grain wheat.

  • Prioritize portion control:

While cooking at home you should always be careful with the portion sizes to maintain a balanced diet. You should not eat more of one thing, too much of anything will not prove to be effective. Here comes the role of a nutritional coach who can guide you and help you with portion control and making a balanced diet.

  •  Be careful of added sugar and processed food:

You should always try to find alternatives to added sugar and processed food as they undermine your efforts to stay healthy. Always read the nutritional content on the back of the food packet and then buy it. These added sugar and processed food take longer than they should to digest. 

  • Do not overcook:

You should avoid overcooking food or heating it frequently. Always prepare a fresh meal to avoid overcooking food. Overcooking leads to the loss of nutritional content of the food and the benefits it has.

Cooking healthy meals at home can be a rewarding journey and hiring a nutritional coach for proper guidance can prove to be a rewarding journey. Once you know what nutrients are required by the body according to your health goal, you can easily determine the type of food and its portion. It is not always what to eat but mostly what to avoid eating, people do not concentrate on what not to eat and then complain they are not achieving what they aimed at. 

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