Tips To Enhance Your Hot Tub Experience

Hot tubs provide many fantastic health benefits and are a great way of reducing stress. There are ways you can make your hot tub experience more enjoyable than just stepping in.

These Tips will Maximise and Enhance Your Hot Tub Experience

  1. Experiment with Lighting

Candles placed around your deck can set the mood. Sundance Spas include adjustable LED lighting. Use the principles to enhance your soak. Blue lighting can be used for ultimate relaxation. Green lighting will help you to focus your mind and stimulate your body.

  1. Add Nature Elements

Bright blooms can be added to spa areas in spring and early summer. Evergreen plants can be used for fall or winter. It is possible to create an aromatherapy spa by planting aromatic herbs like rosemary, lavender, or scented geraniums. Lavender relaxes and repels mosquitos, while scented geraniums can be made into stress-and-anxiety-reducing tea.

  1. Inspire a Paradise of Water and Fire by Creating an Oasis

It’s just the beginning of turning on the spa’s waterfall. You can add water to your spa with a customised backyard waterfall, tiered waterfall, or fountains on pedestals. Your evenings will take on a whole new meaning when you have a spa near you. Flickering flames or crackling wood create a sense of cosiness that adds warmth.

  1. For Perfect Privacy

Are neighbours too close together? Install privacy fencing around your spa. For more privacy, consider moving screens. You can keep things simple or make your spa exclusive with these unique ideas.

  1. Aromatherapy Is A Great Way to Set the Mood

Aromatherapy, also known as essential oil therapy, can improve your overall health. The Lusospas uses fragrance cartridges to infuse the water w/ the soothing scents you choose.

Hot Tub Heat Pumps from Air Source – The Ultimate Guide

Installing an air source heat pump hot tub could reduce your annual operating costs by hundreds of pounds. You can find out more about heat pumps and whether you might consider one.

What Does It Take To Make An Air-Source Heat Pump Work?

An air-source heat pump uses heat from the atmosphere to heat it and then converts that heat into heat for your hot tub. Here’s the exact way it works.

The heat pump fan draws air across tubes filled with refrigerant.

This reduces its temperature and makes it more compressed. The gas is then passed to a heat-exchanging device, which transfers the heat to your hot tub.

The heat pump’s refrigeration fluid cools off and then becomes a liquid again, thus resuming the cycle.

Because it can heat more air, the more efficiently an Air Source Hot Tub Heat Pump will work, the warmer the temperature. Heat pumps will still work even at temperatures as low as -15°C. They take longer to heat up the hot tub.

Are There Various Types Of Heat Pumps For Air?

There are two main types, on/off technology vs inverter technology.

On/off has two modes. These models are typically cheaper but could have better energy efficiency.

A variable-speed fan powers the inverter model. Some top-end inverter heaters have intelligent technology that adjusts the fan speed to obtain the maximum heat pump efficiency. These models can therefore be more costly upfront but much less to maintain.

Lusospas has the information you need to help you buy an Air Source Pump, Hot Tub, or Swim Spa. Our friendly team will gladly assist.

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