Tips For Paraphrasing and Summarizing Content


Writing at university involves integration of ideas from different authors into your very own writing. Paraphrasing and summarizing permits is an art it makes you to acknowledge these authors by expressing the data in your own words. Effective paraphrasing additionally demonstrates your perceiving of the information.

The basic way to paraphrase

To paraphrase, you will have to:

  • Modification the structure of the sentence
  • change the words within the sentence

Replace the structure of a sentence

  1. browse the initial text variety of times and confirm you understand the most ideas.
  2. Write down the main ideas from your own memory.
  3. Check what you’ve got written against the initial text – confirm you have maintained the original ideas which your version is totally different.


Replace the words or paraphrase with other synonyms


It is simple to identify once somebody has traced directly from a textbook. we have a tendency to all have different sorts of writing and yours will be different to the authors you’re reading.

  1. Once you perceive the most ideas of the original text hunt for specialised words – these words could also be retained within the paraphrased version, as they’re key to the which means of the sentence.
  2. hunt for words or phrases which will be changed.
  3. Use a wordbook or wordbook to seek out substitutes.



recasting or restating info from another supply in your own words while not ever-changing the meaning, sometimes shorter than the initial passage outline.

A summary includes solely the most ideas of somebody else’s writing, restated in your own words, a lot of shorter than the original text invariably acknowledge the original author once employing a paraphrase or summary. Writers can also avail the opportunity to paraphrase their content online using the free paraphrasing tool

Original text

The foremost common improvement strategy is upgrading management fashionable mythology guarantees that organizations can work splendidly if well managed. Managers are purported to have the massive image and appearance out for his or her organization’s overall health and productivity. Unfortunately, they need not invariably been up to the task, even once armed with computers, info systems, flowcharts, quality programs, and an array of different tools and techniques. They are going forth with this rational arsenal to do and tame our wild and primitive workplaces nonetheless within the end, irrational forces too usually prevail.


Developing management is that the most typical strategy want to improve the health and productivity of an organization; however, this doesn’t invariably work because of ability or uncontrollable forces, despite the tools or technology used (Bolman & Deal, 2013).


Bolman and Deal (2013) recognize that invigorating management is that the most typical strategy for an organization’s improvement; however, managers don’t seem to be always able to realize solutions and there are usually uncontrollable forces that influence the outcome.

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