Tips for Maintaining your Car’s Interior

Car’s Interior

If you travel regularly and you have kids or maybe a pet, then you would definitely realize the hassle and effort that goes into keeping the car clean from the inside. And with all the nooks and corners, it becomes a little stressful to start off with the task even.

However, you don’t always have to get a handful of tools like your car vacuum or brush etc. to get started with the job. You can either let the experts do the task at car interior care with Autobarn. Or you can try some simple tips to get started.

Tips for Car Interior Maintenance

Maintaining your car personally is as important as getting it cleaned thoroughly by the experts at least once every month. It is crucial to realize that without personal effort, you will be ruining your car’s interior. Therefore, putting in a little effort will definitely go a long way. Here are some easy ways to take care of your car from the inside.

1.   Add a Car Trash Bin Inside:

Buy a car trash bin; it is small and very portable. It helps you keep the trash in the bin and not throw it beneath the seats or on the mats. A bin plays a huge role in preventing trash from scattering around in the car. There are a variety of car trash bins out there. The ones with lids are definitely the best ones to purchase. Also, it is best if you put the trash out everyday.

2.   Clean the Mess Right Away:

Majority of us are guilty of never cleaning up a mess right away. We simply frown and leave it right here, to be done later on. But that later on, never really comes. And many times, this becomes a huge reason for stains on seats etc. Keep a bunch of small towels in the car and clean up the mess right away.

3.   Take Things Out of the Car:

Whatever you bring inside the car, just go out with you, when you are leaving it. When you keep leaving things in the car, it becomes cluttered and untidy. The sight of it is pretty annoying. Make it a habit; always take out things from your car before you end the day.

4.   Shake the Dust off the Mats:

Shake your car mats often to take the dust off. If you have a brush, use it to brush the dust off. Doing so just once a week will help you in keeping them clean. If a lot of dirt has accumulated on them, then a vacuum will help you in cleaning them properly.

5.   Invest in a Car Vacuum:

A portable, small vacuum is the best way to clean dust and debris from car seats and floors. The nozzle of the vacuum sucks dirt from different areas, where it is hard to get through hand or brush. It aids in cleaning the pedals and the sides around it as well. It also makes it easier to remove pet hair from your car. Thus, investing in a small vacuum which is good for cars, can go a long way in maintaining your vehicle’s interior.

6.   Clean the Cup Holders:

Cup holders might not get your attention right away but they hold a lot of grime, spilled tea or coffee, and even hair strands. Although it is a hard-to-reach area, a cotton swab dipped in a cleaning solution can definitely do the trick. Some vehicles come with the option of removable cup holders which makes them easier to clean.

7.   Interior Windows:

A microfiber cloth is a wonderful investment for cleaning a car’s interior. If you don’t have one, you can use a paper towel as well. Use a window spray cleaner to wipe the dirt and dust off interior windows. Or you can mix together water and a little vinegar to create your own quick window cleaning solution too. There are many window cleaners available in the market these days.

8.   Air Freshener:

Using an air freshener is a great idea to maintain your car from the inside. It helps keep it fresh and the good scent always gives a welcoming vibe. Small air fresheners are available these days that can be attached inside the car and used while being on the go.

How to Choose Car Maintenance Experts?

Maintaining the interior of the car, on your own is a great way to take care of it. Little efforts can go a long way in keeping the interior fresh for the days to come.

However, it is equally important to get the interior and exterior cleaned by the experts once in a while. But choosing the right cleaners for this purpose is crucial. And here is how you can look for professional cleaners:

  • Research for the best ones around you. You can ask your friends and family about the best ones that they rely on.
  • Have a look at their ratings and reviews online. What are their customers saying about them? This will help you gain an insight into their cleaning services.
  • Visit them once to have a look at their garage. What kind of cleaning equipment are they using?
  • Ask them questions if you want to, to evaluate their professionalism.

These small tips will help you choose the right team for car maintenance and deep cleaning. Don’t forget to research the services in detail, before hiring them.


Remember, your car’s interior is as important as the exterior. It must look nice and clean from the inside out. With regular cleaning, you can maintain your car pretty well and keep it in its original condition as well. These little tips will go a long way, to aid you in keeping the interior of your car fresh for the years to come. Lastly, don’t forget to hire good cleaning services. Getting your vehicle cleaned by experts, at least once every month or every second month is equally important.

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