Top 4 Tips for Cleaning Your House to Perfection

Tips for Cleaning Your House

When cleaning is all you think about all day, you may find yourself getting a little bit obsessed with it. You may start to solely focus on maximizing efficiency so that your house can become as clean as possible. However, not everyone is good at cleaning. This is especially true for those homeowners who are occupied with work and have only a few hours to clean their house. In such a situation, one can opt for some help. There are different cleaning services available that you can hire to clean your home. But if you are someone who wants to do this task yourself, this article can help you become a better cleaner. So, read on!

Top 4 Tips to Clean Your House Like an Expert

Cleaning your home is an art. And not everyone is good at it. But that’s alright! After all, everyone has got their own strengths and weaknesses. However, if you want to learn how to clean your home like a professional, you are at the right place! Here are five tips that can help you ace house cleaning.

#1. Clean the Spaces Above

One of the common mistakes that homeowners do is that they ignore cleaning the spaces above. What this means is they don’t usually wipe above cupboards, across the upper door frame, and on top of doors. This is where the most debris and dirt gather. When homeowners are busy with life, they only pay heed to clean the visible areas. They never think about wiping the dirt from the above areas. Cleaning them is important. If not, you should know that dirt can cause allergies which will increase the chance of you getting sick. Therefore, don’t ignore these areas and make sure to wipe the dirt so that your home can become clean.

#2. Start from Top

This is another useful tip. When cleaning your room, you should always remember to start from the top and then move toward the floor. But why is that important? Well, imagine this; you have already cleaned the floor but then decide to wipe dirt from the spaces above. When you do that, the dirt will fall onto the floor that you just cleaned. You will then have to clean the floor again to get rid of that debris. Hence, it is always recommended to clean the areas above like the top of the door frame, and then proceed towards cleaning the floor. This will save you a lot of time as you won’t be required to clean the floor twice.

#3. Use Glass Cleaner on Metal Surfaces

It’s the small details that differentiate professional cleaning from doing it yourself. One of such features is to make the metal surfaces shine. Usually, homeowners don’t pay attention to this. It is because they have no clue how to clean metal right. This results in the metal surfaces remaining dirty. There are some specific stainless steel cleaning products that you can use. But they will only remove the dirt from metal surfaces. They won’t make them shine.

So, how to get that picture-perfect shine? Well, you will need to use a thin substance that can easily be wiped off. It will leave behind a shiny surface that will reflect light. But what’s that substance, you wonder? Well, you can use vinegar and water solution. If you don’t like that, you can use a simple green glass cleaner.   

#4. Don’t Scrub

One reason why many homeowners dislike cleaning is that they think that it will have them scrubbing away the dirt to make it go away. But that is not the case. You don’t really have to scrub! And if you are feeling the need to do so, then you might be making one of the following mistakes:

  • Not using a strong cleaner
  • Don’t have an abrasive enough scrubbing device
  • Being impatient

Scrubbing takes away most of your energy. It is also a huge waste of time. So, instead of scrubbing, you should think of an effective solution that can help you remove dirt easily. Cleaning solutions don’t work like magic. You will have to be patient. They will normally take up to 10 minutes before they start removing dirt. And when you wipe it, it should get cleaned easily without having you scrub it.


Everyone likes to keep their homes clean. After all, a clean and dirt-free home is essential for good and healthy living. If you too want to keep your home clean, you can consider the aforementioned tips. They will help you clean your house the right way. Plus, you will no longer be worried about the dirt anymore. This is because you can simply wipe it away without putting too much effort.

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