Tips Ensuring Durability of Metal Detecting Devices and Accessories


Long-term use of different devices for metal detecting finds and not cleaning, and maintenance can decrease their efficiency well before their expected lifespan ends. These devices might stop working, or they will not pick up signals of metals intended for them to detect.

Basic Information About Devices for Metal Detecting Finds

A metal detector consists of an arm cuff to control the movement of the device, a control box to adjust the settings, a search coil that sends to and receives signals from the ground, a power cable supplying energy to the whole device, and a shaft or rod that connects all other parts.

How to Ensure Durability of Metal Detectors and Accessories?

If any of the parts mentioned above is having problems or not working properly, then other pieces of the device will have issues. So, it is important that these parts are cleaned and well-maintained. Some of the points mentioned below are concerned with cleaning and maintaining the metal detectors and others with changing the devices’ settings.

Reduce the Vibration Settings

In some devices, the manufacturers have introduced vibration mode because the sounds are often not audible. The metal detector users increase the vibration to detect things under the ground. Decreasing the vibration setting will save the device from getting damaged.

Specify the Type of Metal You want to Search

Many things can be buried under the ground, but it is important to know which metal you wish to find. The settings of the metal detector have to be adjusted accordingly. The metal type to be detected, the depth you want to reach, and the geographical properties of the location.

Keep Other Electronic Devices Away

The electromagnetic waves might interfere with the proper working of the metal detectors. So, it has been recommended not to use these devices because they might set off the metal detector and false project signals. Also, these variable-frequency devices can distract the people using the metal detectors.

Regular Examination of Metal Detecting Accessories

People think weekly maintenance and cleaning are enough to keep the metal detector devices and accessories. Still, developing issues often become more intense as the device is not checked and examined daily before and after its use. Examination of the devices is an important part of the maintenance process.

Buy Devices from a Licensed Metal Detector Store

When you are thinking about buying a metal detector that will last longer and require proper maintenance and cleaning, you must select the right device from licensed stores like Teknetics Direct. These companies will provide the best devices that will last longer.

Proper Maintenance and Cleaning are Essential

It has been mentioned in the above paragraph that inspection and testing of the device are an important part of the maintenance and cleaning process. The reason is that many issues can be detected at the start. After a thorough inspection, maintenance and cleaning can be done by knowing at what level they are needed.

Research the Area Where to go Metal Detecting

The main reason for researching the area where you will go metal detecting is to know the geographical properties of the location. This will help adjust the settings, including the depth, the type of metal searching for, and the presence of salt and moisture.

Prevent Water Leakage into the Device

The waterproof coverings of the metal detectors should be efficient to prevent water from reaching the device. If you see that the devices are gathering moisture despite covering, the protective coverings have worn out.

Have Proper Training before Using Metal Detectors

Although it is simple and easy to use a metal detector once you have read the manual and instructions, you still need to practice handling the device correctly. It might take a few days or months to learn how to use the metal detector.

By following these important tips, you can rest assured that the lifespan and durability of devices used for metal detecting finds will increase.

Below are three questions that will further explain how to clean and maintain a metal detector and its accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PM checklist?

PM, also known as preventive maintenance, is a list of tasks that will help keep up the record of equipment used for metal detecting finds. The tasks included in the preventive measurements include proper inspection, cleaning of the devices, and maintaining them according to the issues detected in the initial inspection.

How do you clean a metal detector machine?

First of all, make sure that all metal detector parts are detached because the cleaning process is different for every component. Cleaning the parts with a dry cloth is the first step to take. It is vital to use cleaning products that the manufacturers recommend.

What are 7 elements of preventive maintenance?

When maintaining metal detectors, you have to be prepared for testing, servicing, calibration, inspection, adjustment, alignment, and installation.

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