Tips and Tricks to Ensure You Never Lose Your Carry-on Luggage

The most annoying situation you can ever have while traveling is losing any of your belongings. The most upsetting loss is undoubtedly losing your carry-on luggage, which often contains all of your essential items, including your electronics, vital papers, and, occasionally, medications.

Here are three ideas and strategies to keep your carry-on luggage safe that will help you keep it close by as you explore the world.

Avoid The Usual Carry-On Luggage Bag Styles

Being on-trend is something that most people love, but that might be a bad idea when it comes to safeguarding your carry-on luggage. Don’t believe us?

Picture this:

You are walking in line at the airport only to realize that five other passengers on the same airplane have the same carry-on as you. There would be six, but the sixth person has the same bag in a different color. So you get on the plane, and one of the five is your seatmate.

What are the chances that you both pick up the wrong carry-on?

They are high, right?

So, staying on trend may not be as helpful if this happens. Instead, seek a bright or even subtle design that is unique to only you so that if anyone picks up your bag, you can easily spot them.

Use Technology to Your Benefit

Smart tags are the new craze in this modern world, so you should never be left behind using them. And the beauty of it is that so many devices are in the current market for that same purpose.

These gadgets contain a location-based sensor that links to your laptop, tablet, or phone and indicates where your bag is. In this regard, if you misplace your bag or someone picks it up with the intention of stealing it, you will find it as soon as you notice it is missing.

Get Rid Of All The Old Airline Tags

We understand that it looks cool to have a million tags to show your friends where you have been, but if you want to keep your carry-on longer, get rid of them. If you must show where you have been, the stamps on your passport may do the trick.

Leaving old tags on your carry-on might lead to confusion, especially if someone picks your bag up and tries to locate the owner. In this scenario, if your bag only has one tag, the individual who found your bag may rush to your departure gate or have the airport staff get it.

Parting shot

We already know how terrible it is to lose your carry-on. However, by using these three strategies, you can be sure that your carry-on will remain with you for the whole journey and back. Two other suggestions are to choose direct flights or lengthier layovers and arrive at the airport early to avoid hurrying. You have plenty of time to be vigilant so that you don’t lose or misplace your carry-on in these two situations.

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