Timeless jewelry to add to your collection

You might often look for trendy earrings or necklaces each time you head to the jewelry store and consider them to be timeless. Although some trends can end up in the timeless category, there is a vast difference between trendy and timeless. Timeless jewelry never goes out of style and withstands the test of time, whereas trendy jewelry can go out of fashion at any time. So, before choosing some timeless and classic jewelry, it is important to consider your signature style and take inspiration from pre-owned jewelry. In case you are still baffled about building a collection, you can read further and learn more about the various timeless pieces. For sure, this article will help you in finding the best.

  1. Tennis bracelets: One of the most sophisticated and stylish pieces of jewelry is the diamond tennis bracelet. The tennis bracelet first caught the attention of the people in the 1978 U.S. Open when the American tennis player Chris Evert wore it. Since then, the diamond line bracelets have been called tennis bracelets. Well, when you wear them, you can ensure that they look wonderful in any outfit. You can wear bracelets to red carpet events, tennis courts, and so on. You can purchase bracelets of high quality because they are timeless and classic pieces of jewelry. But purchasing them can be challenging and daunting. So, you need to keep a few tips in mind before buying them. You can choose the diamond color like F grade or go as far as M or K grade. Since classic diamond tennis bracelets feature colorless diamonds, you can pick from the yellow gold or rose gold metals. You can also include colored gemstones alternatively for a gorgeous look. Furthermore, you must consider the size of the bracelet. Make sure they are not too loose or too tight on your wrist; instead, they should fit neatly. If you don’t know your wrist size, you can take a tape measure to measure your wrist. You can also choose various styles and settings like the prong, bezel, and channel setting.
  2. Stud earrings: Diamond stud earrings are a great addition to your jewelry collection. Celebrities like Meghan, Duchess of Sussex have been spotted wearing these earrings regularly, especially on their big day. Whether you want to wear these earrings to make a fashion statement or for your wedding, this timeless jewelry is a must-have for a perfect look. Before purchasing them, you can consider your budget and decide accordingly. You can pick any of your favorite diamond shapes and layer the diamond studs beautifully on both of your ears. Since buying diamonds of high quality never goes out of style, you can choose colorless diamonds. It is also recommended to purchase H-I color and SI or VS2 clarity. Also, make sure that you buy matching pairs of studs. The choice of the earring back is crucial as well. Since butterfly backs can loosen over time, screw backs can keep your earrings firm on your ear.

Necklaces and pendants: Diamond necklaces and pendants are timeless jewelry that fills every woman’s heart with joy and delight. These accessories add sparkle and elegance to your outfits. But there is a slight difference between the two. Pendants are charms that hang from chains, whereas necklaces are worn around the neck. You might have a preferred length and style. Hence, you can decide the style and length and purchase them accordingly. You can also settle upon a popular necklace design. Some of them include solitaire, classic style, heart-shaped, or clusters. Solitaire consists of a single diamond and looks perfect for any occasion. The classic style comprises a continuous line of diamonds and is ideal for showy occasions. In the halo design, a center diamond is encircled by more diamonds. The heart-shaped necklace comprises diamonds in the shape of a heart. Small diamonds set together can be formed into shapes such as a heart or a star in a necklace. You can even alternate the diamonds for gemstones.

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