ThreeThings You Need To Keep In Mind When Renting A Holiday Home In Malta

You can find many holiday rentals in Malta. So finding holiday apartments in Malta can be easy. It’s obvious that where you stay is one of the most important aspects of your vacation accommodations. You can ruin your vacation if this is not done correctly. There have been horror stories about apartments that don’t look like they are in the photographs or guests who were tricked into renting apartments that do not exist.

Communication is crucial when you are contacting the property owner to inquire about a booking. It is important to communicate with the property owner to get an understanding of his communication style, how long it takes, and other factors.

Here are three things you should remember when renting vacation apartments.

Refundable Deposit

Explain the refundable deposit and what it covers. Also, explain when you will get it. If you have not damaged your apartment in any way, make sure you get your damage refundable deposit. You may receive the deposit from the owner several days after returning home from your vacation if the owner has not made any changes.

Electricity, Water, And Cleaning Bills

Ask about the final cost, including the cleaning and electricity/water costs. Sometimes, property owners will offer their apartment for a very low price and then add the cleaning fee and electricity/water bill. Malta has extremely high electricity and water prices. Property owners who try to hide these rates will often charge very high rates. This is often deducted from the refundable deposit. It’s too late to argue.

It is best to look for Blubay Apartments in Malta that have clear prices and rates. This will save you from having to go through pages of summaries, such as cleaning fee, electricity, water fee, parking fee, or taxes to reach the final price. If property owners make it difficult to determine the final cost, they often have an ulterior motive.

You should look for properties that provide a reasonable number of units as part of your rental. Additional charges will apply if you exceed this limit. This is the most equitable way to find properties. Serious property owners will often provide sufficient electricity or water units for you to use if the lights and air conditioning are turned off for at least 24 hours. Please be mindful of the environment!


Make sure you have enough parking spaces. Parking in tourist places is almost impossible. If you plan to rent a car, you must park. It is almost impossible to find parking in tourist places because so many Maltese are employed. Although property owners may state that parking is available for their properties, they often leave little information. It is usually a sign that the parking rate and garage are not specified. Parking on the street, although you can park in the street and there is no paid parking, the problem is finding a parking spot. You won’t find a parking space in Sliema during the daytime, trust us. Parking in Sliema is difficult even at night because of the numerous restaurants and bars around. You should confirm your parking space with the property owners in advance.

The photos of the apartment and other obvious details such as amenities, location, and amenities are all important. These are three key ‘hidden’ factors to be aware of when you’re looking at Malta Holiday Apartments. You can always choose carefully and, if not satisfied, you can simply search for another apartment. Do not take chances. These mistakes can ruin your vacation.

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