Things You Must Know About Single Malt Whisky

Have you ever heard of the word “scotch”? Single malt is just that. It’s primarily made with barley and purified in a single distillery. 

You may consider single malt whiskey to be one of the distillery’s specialties. Every distillery adopts a range of specific and unique techniques and procedures for producing its single malt. However, they remain consistent in every other bottle.  

One common myth about single malt is that it is made in a single barrel. In reality, the word “single” is used to indicate the distillery or location, not the number of barrels. 

Moreover, single malts are blends and mixes of more than one or two barrels kept within the distillery. There’s more to know about single malt whiskey, and this short, precise guide is the right place for that. 

So, keep reading. 

Single Malt Whisky: What Does It Taste Like?

Typically, whiskey tastes like roasted, woody, oaky grain alcohol, often blended with notes of fruit, vanilla, caramel, or nut. These flavour characteristics get magnified and ultra-smooth when it comes to single malts. Also, a branded scotch can ensure a smoky, peaty gradation. 


The range of single malt whisky from Australia has emerged as one of the people’s most preferred choices. Although not comparable to the single malts of Scotland, they are also made from malted barley alone. 

Despite the distillers using the same techniques, the taste differs. Single malt whiskeys from Scotland and Australia amazingly exhibit regional specialties and develop a unique and mesmerising flavour profile due to distilling methods and the local climate. Single malts produced in every different type of location come with their unique production methods and attributes. 

Another great single malt producer is Japan, whose founding distillers followed the scotch-production style. The single malts brewed by Irish distilleries are often considered a more purified and refined option than the nation’s standard blended whiskeys. 

Also, single malts from Canada and America are quite popular as their expert distillers often experiment with grains other than barley to make a unique style of whiskey. 

Where To Buy It From

Single malt whiskies are a hit in the global community, leaving liquor store outlets with no option but to keep a few options handy. With everything going digital, it’s best to buy the best single malt whisky from the plethora of options available online. Buy your whisky from an online speciality store. 

Typically, you may have to pay more for a single malt whiskey bottle than you need to pay for a blended whiskey. However, the price is also influenced by the age of that specific bottle and the distillery’s reputation. 

For instance, if you buy a 50-year-old single malt whiskey (scotch) made by one of the most famous distilleries, it would obviously cost more than a 12-year-old malt whiskey. 

How To Drink It

As this type of whisky tends to be costly, they are mostly reserved for sipping. A small 30-ml “on-the-rocks” is the perfect way to sip and enjoy this delicacy luxuriously. 

To get the most out of its flavours and aromas, you can enjoy the single malt with water or splashes of soda. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want to get a unique, refreshing, sophisticated, and luxurious alcohol experience, try single malt whisky made from one of the best distilleries in Australia, Scotland, or Japan. Get your bottle of single malt and enjoy the best of an excellent brewery.  

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