If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident, you should be informed of Michigan law and seek out an injury lawyer right once. Even if you have never been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should know the regulations and your legal options if you are ever in one. Here is what you need to know.

Motorcycle accident damage reimbursement

Motorcyclists hurt in an accident may be compensated in one of two ways:

“No-Fault Benefits,” such as:

  • Medical costs resulting from the car accident,
  • Loss of wages for the first three years after the injury,
  • Household replacement services (childcare/errands),
  • Reimbursement for transport costs to and from medical appointments
  • Nursing services/attendant care.

It is significant to highlight that the rider who was involved in the collision and did not have the necessary motorcycle liability coverage is not eligible for no-fault benefits. Click here to learn more.

“Personal Injury Protection”

PIP insurance/personal injury protection is not mandated by state law. Therefore, benefits will depend on how much coverage you get when purchasing insurance. Following a motorcycle accident, PIP compensation typically covers the following expenses:

  • Medical costs Lost wages
  • Healthcare costs 
  • Childcare Costs 
  • Funeral costs

Check your policy to discover the details of your coverage. Make sure you have the appropriate amount of insurance, regardless of the level of protection your state’s laws require.

Who covers the motorcycle damage costs?

One of the most frustrating results of a motorbike accident is the damage to the motorcycle itself. You have invested money in this lovely bike, and it is suddenly destroyed or suffers several damages. What follows, then?

Make a call to your insurance provider as soon as possible. Find out if the motorcycle has collision coverage. If you do, your motorcycle insurance provider will cover the cost of the repairs. Usually, they will total out the motorcycle if the repairs cost more than the bike is worth. This indicates that you will get paid the motorcycle’s net present value.

The value of your motorcycle case

There are several things to evaluate when determining the value of a motorcycle accident injury claim in Michigan. Naturally, it is crucial to start with the extent of the injuries. A person who has surgery and faces a lengthy recovery period will generally have a more valuable case than someone who underwent more conservative, less invasive treatment.

It’s also critical to consider negligence. A plaintiff must establish that the at-fault car was partially responsible for the collision to receive pain and suffering compensation. The plaintiff is entitled to restitution for pain and suffering if the at-fault motorist is 50% or more at fault. The plaintiff’s percentage of fault in the incident’s cause, however, may be subtracted by the defendant, known as comparative fault.

The takeaway

Accidents involving motorcycles can drastically alter one’s life. Massive medical expenses, missed wages, and an inability to pay for even necessities are all possible consequences of the injuries. The recovery process can be emotionally taxing and lengthy, but a lawyer can make things easier for you.

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