The Worst Brand Apologies – The Biggest Brands’ Mistakes and How They Apologized

A point comes in every brand’s life when they try to be very creative but ends up messing things up. A lot of brands from all over the world have done it and have apologized later on. 

Are you wondering why one should read this article which shows unethical and unsuccessful attempts of brands in their campaigns? Is that right? Well, you must read it until the very end and learn all the mistakes that you as the owner of any brand must not commit. 

All the campaign fails to occur so that you can understand someone else’s mistakes and not repeat them. In this blog, I have gathered the mistakes of brands in their ad campaigns and how they have apologized in the end. 

Let’s have a look at what was things has had happened to the big and rich brands out there after they failed a campaign- 

Dove- the famous beauty brand, dove match date off by showing their racist mind set on the social media platform with the ad campaign. In their ad they showcased how a black woman is being transferred to a white woman after applying their shower gel. 

People did backlash the company with their racist imagery and then finally the brand instead of apologizing for what they have posted stated that they regret the offence that has been caused because of their post. 

Coca-cola– Coca-Cola posted an ad campaign which ended up upsetting the hearts of Russians as well as ukrainians. The ad was all about a Russian map. The Russian map was a debatable issue after the annexation of Crimea by Russia from Ukraine in the year 2014. 

The map excluded Crimea and also lacked the Kuril islands and even Kaliningrad. The netizens of Russia couldn’t handle this and started attacking the company for its lack of knowledge in geography. 

The marketers of Coca-Cola reposted the version of map with the above regions and then this led to the Ukrainian rates towards the brand coca cola which also led to online protests calling to ban the drink.

Many officials had to apologize for this huge mistake and for making the people of Russia and Ukraine unhappy. The map was also taken down. 

ALDI- ALDI tweeted a fill in the blanks post on Twitter which said that- ” I became an ALDI lover when I tasted ____ for the first time”. A lot of people replied with cheap comments and we all know how predictable social media is when it comes to these types of posts. 

Due to a lot of rude, crude and cheap comments most of the tweets had to be deleted and the campaign was terminated by the brand. 

Audi- Audi tried something unusual, something other than tweeting lovely photographs of premium automobiles and it actually flopped. 

Here’s what happened- 

Audi took a break from emphasizing the beauty of their automobiles in favour of emphasizing the beauty of their drivers. So they launched the hashtag paid my dues campaign with the goal of telling real life tales about overcoming adversity and having the most inspiring stories produced by a range of artists over six live events. 

A lot of followers were encouraged to share the motivational stories but that did not attract the interest of the followers. A lot of negative reactions kept on coming and the overall engagement dropped down. 

A buzz was created that “failed audi’s social media campaign” outside their brand pages. 

Bloomingdale- bloomingdale with their ad campaign on social media influences people to spike their friends’ drinks when they are not looking. The departmental Store introduced this digital at and the audience was not happy at all. We are not sure what the bloomingdale’s marketers were actually intending and a lot of people went against them.

People also questioned if the idea of this ad campaign was to attract attention. The ad was somewhat intending to increase the interest of bloomingdale’s potential audience through the rape hints. 

A lot of people noticed the increasing rape culture in their arts and of course bloomingdales marketers heart to apologise and remove the slogans from the bottles as well. 

These were some of the failed brand campaigns that had happened in the past. The brands lost their impression during the time they created these huge mistakes in front of the people. During the time of social media, it is so hard to clear things up after making a mess. Things go viral easily nowadays and thus, you need to think carefully before taking any big step. 

The moral of the blog is to research properly about a lot of things. After you have created an ad campaign, before posting it send it out to a few people and ask for their perspectives on it. If you feel that there is any type of message that you are not intending to send but it is going to spread anyways, then definitely try to change it. 

The talented heads reading this article, would you ever make these big mistakes, or have you learnt properly? 

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