The Ultimate Guide to Storing Food in the Fridge


While we all have a refrigerator at home, not all understand the necessity to systematically store food in the fridge. In fact, some of us do not know how to keep food within a refrigerator, the role of each segment within the cavity of the refrigerator, and more. However, your purchase of a Samsung display refrigerators would find true meaning when you understand the purpose of each section and arrange the food items to make the interiors of your fridge look neat and spectacular. If you are wondering you have to pay a fortune for a brand new Samsung refrigerator, then let us tell you: No, you don’t have to because Samsung fridge price ranges from budget-friendly to premium category, now it is up to you which one you want to choose.

This article will provide you with the ultimate guide to storing food in the fridge. It is time to say bye to stuffing food wherever it fits inside the refrigerator; we all must try to be a little organized because it helps us find the most sought-after materials easily; how else would you expect to find essential food items from within a pile of things? Anyway, let us dig in:

  • Milk and dairy products: If you have a Samsung refrigerator, you must be aware of the fresh room in your fridge, which is usually a cooler and darker place ideal for storing milk, butter, bread, cheese, nuts, pastries, and more. The cool room ensures the freshness of food items for a longer duration. However, when you buy a Samsung refrigerator, you can be at peace of mind because uniform cooling throughout the fridge is a unique feature of Samsung refrigerators. Check the single-door Samsung fridge price if you are tight on budget. All refrigerators from Samsung are equally trustworthy and perform efficiently.
  • Eggs: You can store the eggs on the middle shelf where the temperature is optimum, neither too cold nor warm.
  • Condiments, spreads, jams, fruit juice, cold beverages: The door is the best place for storing these items. These food items already contain vinegar, sugar, artificial preservatives, and more, so storing them in the interiors of the door will help you fetch whichever you want quickly. Plus, the area is meant to perfectly accommodate bottles. However, if you choose to buy a Samsung refrigerator, you will be glad to know that some Samsung refrigerators have door cooling technology. So, you can store milk in the door area. But the Samsung fridge price for these refrigerators is usually on the higher side. You can also keep your water bottles here to keep them cool.
  • Raw meat, fish, frozen food: If you have a double-door Samsung refrigerator, store it in the freezer section where the temperature is set below 0 degrees Celsius. Since these are prone to getting bad, you must keep these properly in a container or a packet to ensure your freezer doesn’t get dirty.
  • Vegetables and fruits: Keep them within the vegetable and fruit basket just underneath the bottom shelf. The Twin Cooling plus technology of the Samsung refrigerator keeps vegetables and fruits fresh for really long periods.

Now that you have a pretty good idea of how to arrange your food items in your Samsung refrigerator, check out the Samsung fridge price on Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and get yours today. Worried about the hefty one-time down payment? Why? We have told you so many times: with Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you can now avail yourself of the easy EMI scheme that will make your purchase more convenient.



No matter how classy the Samsung refrigerator you buy, you have to keep the insides clean, tidy, and organized; only then the sophisticated allure of your fridge will get enhanced. Yes, it is tedious to arrange the food items, and believe us, nobody loves to do it. But, we must do it for our ease and convenience. Placing the right things in the correct sections will make your search quicker plus, your food items will survive for longer durations. So, you should start afresh, discard your old fridge and bring home the brand new refrigerator. Check the recent Samsung fridge price on Bajaj EMI Store and upgrade your kitchen décor.

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