The need for cycling bib shorts

Australia is the fastest and lowest continent in the world. It is also known as the ‘oldest continent’ and the last continent to be explored by the Europeans. Australia has some of the best scenic locations in the world that are best discovered by bike. The city lanes are bike-friendly, with many highways that travel across the country and suit people who want to avoid places bustling with traffic. Cycle trips are for people who want to discover places at a leisurely pace. The availability of cycling bib shorts in Australia has made biking more enjoyable for people who make long bike trips.

What are cycling bib shorts?

Bib shorts have shoulder straps to hold the shorts up and in place. There is no pressure on the stomach because it has no waistband. It has a higher panel front and back, which eliminates the exposure of the skin when the t-shirt rides up while biking. 

Bib shorts are like a second skin, and bikers should not wear anything under them. Wearing underpants can cause skin soreness and abrasion. The chamois offers cushioning along the area of contact with the saddle. Thicker chamois is for long-distance rides and thinner chamois for shorter rides. The primary purpose of the bib shorts is to mould the chamois onto the butt and keep it in place while riding the bike.

Why do bikers need bib shorts?

No waistband

Bib shorts have no waistband, and there is no uncomfortable elastic cutting into the rider’s stomach. An elastic waistband can collect and retain moisture and lead to chafing and discomfort. Bib shorts make the rider feel free and comfortable.

Chamois stays in place

The traditional cycling shorts slip down over time, but the bib shorts don’t slip and stay in place. The correct positioning of the chamois eliminates saddle sores and chafing. Bib shorts are designed to keep the chamois in place.

Bib straps increase comfort

The shoulder straps of the bib shorts are made of lightweight mesh or lycra fabric. They hold the bib comfortably in place without exerting pressure on any point in the body. They offer total comfort and avoid tugging, chafing, or binding.

No bunching

The bib shorts keep the shoulder straps and chamois in place and avoid the bunching of materials. There is less discomfort and pinching in any body part when bunching is prevented.

No back exposure

Traditional shorts get pulled down while riding in the wind. Mostly it happens in a low, aerodynamic riding position. Bib shorts stay in place, and there is no exposure of midriff or back while cycling.

How to buy bib shorts

Bib shorts should be tight-fitting and cling to the legs of the rider without moving to increase aerodynamics and reduce chafing. It is best to buy bib shorts made of breathable and moisture-wicking material. The straps need not be too tight, but they should fit snugly over the shoulder. The chamois need to be thick to provide better cushioning and stay in shape for a long time.

Advantages of wearing bib shorts

The chamois is stitched to stay in place even when the riders pedal and shift their weight around. It provides good stretch and compression and avoids chafing and irritation of the skin. The chamois in the bib shorts dampens the vibration while riding on the uneven road surface. It reduces the shock, which could cause discomfort and pain. The chamois wicks away the sweat from the body and gives a fresh and dry feeling.

The popularity of cycling bib shorts in Australia is increasing due to their comfort to the rider. Cycling enthusiasts who prefer long cycling trips can avoid chafing and skin irritation. The journey becomes more enjoyable when pain and discomfort are reduced. Bib shorts make the cycling trip comfortable and enjoyable for all bikers.

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