The Most Popular Native Ad Networks for Affiliate Marketing

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For businesses and organizations, marketing is important for development and advancement. In fact, this is one of the most important ways for firms to attract customers and gain profits. Today, affiliate marketing is growing in popularity. In the age of social media and digital analytics, blogs and websites are further developing this form of marketing. However, the internet is crucial to its existence. Thus, when faced with issues like Spectrum internet services, it’s always a good idea to communicate with the provider directly through CS. This helps customers with clarity and network performance. 

Before learning about the best native ad networks for affiliate marketing, it’s important to understand what native ads mean.

What Is Native Advertising?

In simple terms, native advertising refers to paid media that is formulated to have content that is similar to that of a specific media source. Here are the main types of native advertising.

Native Content or Branded Ads: 

Content Recommendation Ads 

In Content or In Feed Ads 

Top 5 Native Ad Networks for Affiliate Marketing 

Here are the most popular native ad networks for affiliate marketing that improve communication, efficacy, and engagement.


This ad network is one of the most important agencies for affiliate marketing. In fact, MGID is used by thousands of people all over the world. This platform is popular because of the variety of features that it offers. In addition to this, users are able to follow easy-to-use tools that are both convenient and efficient. One of the best things about this network is that it requires a small deposit in order to get started. In terms of technology, MGID allows users a variety of targeting options for viewers and audiences. These include: 




Device (Tablet, mobiles, or others)

However, before you get started, it’s important to read the guidelines and policies offered by this ad network. This will allow you to understand what to follow and what to avoid.


Adcash began gaining momentum in 2007 and has attracted a large number of users since then. However, the shift towards native advertising has been recent. Previously, this network followed relatively intrusive ad formats. If you’re just starting out affiliate marketing, this platform is great with its simple options and tools. Users can effectively run and manage campaigns all with one platform. In addition to this, Adcash is also known to be very vocal about the rising threat of ad fraud.

Moreover, with this tool, users can enjoy campaigning and marketing that is more targeted and precise. This leads to higher chances of success for companies and businesses. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about targeting customers and audiences that are not relevant. Here are all the various targeting options that are available to you with Adcash:

User interest 


Connection Type (WiFi/Carrier) and Internet Service providers (ISPs) 

Website Categories 

Language targetting


With TrafficStars, users are able to attract traffic that is high-quality. In addition to this, this network is built around adult publishers and advertisers. Users are able to enjoy targeting tools and methods that improve communication and help enhance engagement. Here are some of the most commonly used targeting options.


Operating Systems 

Proxy Traffic Type 



IP ranges

One of the greatest advantages of this platform is that you can save money by ensuring that you target the right customers. With a detailed report on analytics and important stats, you can measure performance and output.

If you want funding options, TrafficStars provides a large variety of tools. These ensure quick and easy modes of payment. Here are the options available.

European SEPA Transfer 


International WIRE Transfer 


The Bottom Line

There are a large number of native ad networks that you can use for affiliate marketing to enhance performance and increase targeting. These include platforms like Adcash, MGID, and TarfficStars. These services offer tools that are easy to use and that enable you to reach tailored audiences.  

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