The Mental Health Benefits of Flowers

Surprising Advantages Beyond the Beauty
First, there is a psychological aspect of beauty appreciation that leads to a more stable state of mind. When you’re less stressed and more satisfied with the existence you’re in, you’re going to be in a better place mentally. Drinking in the beauty of blooming multi-colored bouquets, in conjunction with their floral aroma, helps you relax.

However, there’s more to it than just the look of flowers. In this writing we’ll briefly go over a few additional mental health benefits flora produce in those who are near them on a regular basis.

1. They Clean the Air
Flowers respirate in a way that purifies air. Some do this more effectively than others, and there are definitely plants that are ideal for this purpose specifically. Even flowers that are purely aesthetic still recycle the atmosphere slightly. When the air is cleaner, you breathe better.

When you breathe better, you’ve got more oxygen in your blood. More oxygen in your blood contributes to more clear thinking. The reason you get drunk is that dehydration ultimately deprives the brain of oxygen; it’s the same with hypoxia. Flowers that clean the air offset more minor effects of a tainted atmosphere, helping your body function better physically, and enabling your mind.

2. They Help Unclutter Your Mind
Speaking of mental enablement, emotional stability is very helpful here. The calming effect of plants is hard to understate, and something one might argue is fundamental to healthy human functionality.

Think about it. Nobody moves to bustling metropolises in order to find peace of mind and quietness. People move to cities for the opportunity and the occasional excitement, not for beauty. For beauty, people get back to nature. They go hiking, visit the beach, maybe drive to a forest and explore the woods; something like that.

3. Taking Care of Flowers Provides Necessary Responsibility
For there to be musculature, there must be resistance which is gradually increased as the body becomes used to a certain “load”. You can’t build muscles if you’re sedentary; physicality requires effort. Well, taking flowers similarly provides some mild “resistance” in the mind. You have to “resist” the mind’s desire to forget and be lazy.

Watering the flowers is easy; just head over there and dump a glass in the pot, or use a pitcher. Essentially, you’ve got to establish a psychological routine and stick to it. That takes a little time, but it’s not something impossible to do.

Giving yourself mild responsibilities that are “low-impact” or “low consequence” is good for your psychological wellbeing. Flowers provide that collaterally, in a way that’s easy to handle. As a bonus, the more you grow, the better you get at it. It’s a positive “upward spiral”, if you will. Beauty is Good for Your Health
Flowers provide mild responsibility that helps establish psychological routines conducive to mental health. Plants also help to de-stress you, making you feel calmer, and so assisting your ability to think unencumbered by things like stress. Finally, plants literally clean the atmosphere, helping your body function in a more healthy way that also enables the mind.

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