The Many Benefits of Using Tablecloths

The Many Benefits of Using Tablecloths

While planning an event, whether it is your own or someone else’s, the thought of buying tablecloths seldom crosses one’s mind. Instead, it seems to be an additional expense that isn’t needed! To stay within budget, people tend to opt for bare tables or if tables are too unsightly, they go for overpriced tablecloth rentals that actually results in burning a hole in their pocket!

What if we tell you that by buying wholesale table covers, you can actually save money and time?  It’s true! Since we are the direct manufacturers and do not involve any middlemen, our linens are of premium quality and are offered at lowest market prices. 

There is no denying the fact that tablecloth linens are a powerful aspect of your home or event’s décor. They have the power to set the mood (formal, casual, whimsical, romantic etc.) Since your guests will be spending most of their time at the party with these sheets, they tend to maximize the comfort of your guests by exuding a comforting welcoming feel, improving sanitary conditions, and controlling spills better than bare tables.

Having second thoughts? Still thinking about renting costly tablecloths or leaving those tables completely bare? Read on and you will understand why those plain tables need to be draped and what role even cheap table covers can play in transforming your event from drab to fab!

1). Save Money and Time

If you are worried about those dreary party tables and are thinking about forking out on new ones for your upcoming event, there is no need to! With high grade table linens offered at our store at rock bottom prices, you can easily step up your tablescape game without being heavy on your budget. Style up with exquisite linen tablecloth, even the most unsightly tables can ooze welcoming and inviting vibes, setting the perfect mood for a festive celebration. Save your precious money and time by choosing perfect linens for your tables that match your theme and taste and can be used again and again in years to come without losing their regal luster.

Buying your wholesale tablecloths from efavormart is a much cheaper option than party rentals. Renting tablecloths, table covers, and Table Overlays costs an average of 50%-100% more than buying Fabric Tablecloths from us.  Why pay more for something that you return at the end of the day rather than something that’s yours to keep? These rental companies have to not only transport the linens to your event but also launder your used linens for the next customer, keeping their prices high. On the other hand, at efavormart, we manufacture our own products and are therefore able to sell our tablecloths at the best possible prices.

2). A Sophisticated Cover For Old Dreary Tables

Lackluster tables tend to invalidate even the most elegant partyscapes. The first thing your guests are going to observe at your party are the tables you have arranged to accommodate them. Give them the most welcoming arrangement by sprucing those drab tables up with gorgeous tablecloths that will set the mood for a perfect celebration. Add sophistication and class to your partyscape with beautifully draped tables reflecting your high-end aesthetic sense and decoration expertise.

Besides providing a descent drape to your otherwise unsightly tables, these Cheap Tablecloths also ooze an air of refinement and a sense of order that will make your arrangement an event to remember and marvel at.

3). Wide Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Party tables come in all shapes and sizes; round, rectangle, and square. This sometimes restricts our creative ideas of decorating and adding oomph to the party ambiance. With efavormart’s extensive range of tablecloth wholesale available in all shapes and sizes, you can easily bring your ingenious décor inspiration to reality.

Transform that rusty round table into an imperial banquet with our Round Tablecloths available in an amazing range of colors, material, and sizes. For your boring rectangle tables, we have gorgeous Rectangle Tablecloths available. If you are wondering how to style up unsightly square tables at your venue, we have got you covered with our Square Tablecloths.

So you see, with limited size and shape options at party linen rentals, your desired party look might not be attained. Without the correct size and perfect shape of the cover, no table can achieve the stunning look you are craving for your next special event. Instead of ending up with a misfit and an awkwardly covered party table, find a perfect match for your event’s tables at

4). Choice of Color, Material, and Style

Since every event calls for a special theme and a color that highlights its festive significance, there is a need to harmonize the décor and arrangement of your event accordingly. As party tables are a focal point of any event décor, one can set up a mood for any festive occasion by augmenting them with the Cloth Tablecloths in the color and style that complements the event’s motif.

Give your plain old tables a refreshing new look and fascination with a tablecloth that perfectly goes with your party theme and decor. With more color options than a rainbow can offer, and striking new designs and patterns, these wedding tablecloths will help you create a refined and unified place setting without emptying out your bank account.

Our extensive assortment of table linens includes everything you need to make a huge splash on your décor – from traditional Satin Tablecloths to modern-style options – all at wholesale prices. Want to add a jazzy flair?  We’ve got you covered with our sparkling Sequin Tablecloths. Tired of ironing? Check out our wrinkle resistant Spandex and Fitted Tablecloths. Maybe thinking of throwing an informal bash? Our selection of Polyester Tablecloths is all you need!

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