The Main Reasons Why Online Casinos Block Your Account and How to Avoid it Happening


Players don’t want any interruptions to distract them from their gaming when they play online games. But what if players find out that their account is suddenly blocked? 

In Poland, both land-based and online casinos are operational. Still, only limited betting and lotteries are available, and they have stringent regulations. Poland has implemented strict policies about gambling, but that will not hinder Polish players from playing online casinos for real money. 

According to Eliasz Nowak, a Polish online casino expert, expects: “Liczba graczy w kasyna internetowe znacznie wzrośnie w przyszłości ze względu na technologię, a ludzie będą chcieli grać więcej online niż na miejscu.” 

In this article, Eliasz Nowak will walk gamers through the possible reasons why a casino blocks a player’s account. He also provides tips on how to avoid it happening. View his page for similar articles.

Why Online Casinos Block Their Player’s Accounts

When the pandemic started, gamblers became more active online. There are now numerous online games and offers that more and more players prefer to play at online casinos for real money than on-site casinos. Online casinos are more convenient, and help players avoid expenses associated with traveling and room rentals at on-site casinos. 

But just like in physical casinos, online casinos can bar players from accessing games and even the whole site. Why would online casinos ban players?

1.   Numerous Login Attempts

When players sign up on a website and give their information, they will also be asked to create a password to ensure they are who they say they are. Passwords secure the account so that no one can use it except the account owner. 

Online casinos that are legally operational and licensed have a strict policy for a player’s account. They will save all the information in the account and only use it accordingly. Players need to access it by logging in with the information they provided. 

Suppose a player attempts too many logins and cannot proceed due to incorrect information. In that case, the casino will block the account. Blocking the account does not mean a player cannot access their account anymore. It is just a way the casino secures the account in case someone else is attempting to open it without their permission. 

If this happens, the player can ask for help through customer service to recover the account.

2.   Duplicate or Double Account

Online casinos have a strict policy that allows players to make one account only to avoid fraud. Thanks to advanced technologies, if a player attempts to create another account, the company can track the IP address. If a double account is detected, the casino blocks the account permanently. 

Be a responsible player and follow the casino’s policy to avoid this.

3.   Unsuccessful Identity Verification

Licensed casinos are strictly advised to verify all their players because this is one of the “Know Your Customer (KYC)” policies. This policy will prevent anyone from entering a secure casino website and avoid laundering on the game site. So, the player needs to provide a valid identification document to verify the account. If a player cannot provide the requirements, the account will be blocked. 

Players must be honest and correctly identify themselves to avoid this from happening.

4.   Improper Way of Getting Bonuses

Bonuses are one main reason gamblers keep playing, especially in an online casino. Some players want to get every bonus that the casino can provide. So, there are players who will make another account by providing different information to get those bonuses. They will use applications to manipulate their IP address. But, they will be unsuccessful in processing those accounts because they will fail in the verification process. 

Once caught, the casino will block the account permanently. So, players must learn to be fair and play with integrity.

5.   Breaking the Terms and Conditions

Anyone who creates an account online agrees with the Terms and Conditions that the website provides. Licensed online casinos were approved by the government, along with their terms and conditions. Before signing up, players need to read and understand these rules. If a player violates any agreed T&Cs, the account will be blocked.


Following instructions and being a responsible player in an online casino is vital to prevent being blocked. To play without interruption, players must avoid doing the things discussed above.

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