The Different Types Of Astrology You Must Know About


If you are looking forward to consulting somebody for online astrology, you must know the different types of astrology. Whenever you think about astrology, you will have the OG sun signs at the back of your mind, which include Leo, Capricorn, Aries, Taurus, or maybe even the moon sign. No doubt, it is a great place to start, but personal astrological signs make all the difference regarding the astrological system. There are more than 80 branches of astrology and different practices that practice other movements. When you do an astrologer chat, you can understand the different types of astrology.

Natal Astrology

This astrology is what the majority of people are already familiar with. It is based on a person’s Natal chart. You look at a chart that everybody has, which is the blueprint of your life, whenever you look at Natal astrology. Astrologers will look at it and say what is the promise of your not all chart and what is the promise of this life to you. They can also tell your greatest weakness, strength, and everything else. Experts say this astrology is a deep dive into your soul and a fantastic self-awareness tool. It is generally about your personality traits and your promise for the future.

No doubt astrologers will first check out your sun sign in Natal astrology. Still, they will also consider another element of your birth chart which will tell everything about your life path or personality. You can make the most of your natal astrology by connecting with experts offering online Astrology.

Horary Astrology

This astrology goes back to the date of 10,000 to 30,000 BC. You can say that this is a definition tool. Horary astrology is a type of astrology that you can use if you want a specific answer to a particular question. The astrologer will help you create a chart for the exact moment, down to the minutes and location of the question asked. The astrologer will read the chart and give you a yes or no question based on whatever they see. This form of astrologer reminds you of tarot card reading. Most of the time, when you ask astrologer, you will get an answer based on the question, but it is possible to get a block in the chart. If there are some blocks in your chart, sometimes, it is challenging to answer the question, or maybe, you are not even supposed to know the answer.

Most of the time, you are going to get the solution based on what the question is. It is a specialized astrology type, but few astrologers currently practice it, and it is something that you can easily pick up on your own. Several people are self-taught with astrology, but that is not the right way because you do not know what goes in and out in astrology, so it is always good to connect with an experienced person.

Electional astrology

Electional astrology has everything to do with picking the best time for the event. The astrologer helps narrow fortuitous dates for all the happenings, including weddings and proposals. You can ask what the best time to go for a job interview is, and you can also say what’s the best time to meet a person you have met over a dating site. It can be anything that you are looking out to get an answer for. Experts say that they get married during the Venus retrograde, for example, as they might look at the moon, which will rule the emotions and other essential elements to find a better time to get married.

Mundane astrology

It is one of the most exciting astrology types, which predicts all the appearances and events. It has been here for at least 1000 years because, in the beginning, astrologers were not so prepared to look at individual charts. They were all interested in looking at astrology revolving around nations besides kings and queens.

Medical astrology

It is one of the most ancient astrological branches which connects different body parts and diseases with the Zodiac sign of the planets. A particular planet affects other organs of your body, and every Zodiac sign rules a body part. Whenever you look at the birth chart of any person, you can see different medical issues that they would have. For instance, Leo rules the heart while mercury rules the action in your body, and Mars is connected with energy levels.


Even though medical astrology is interesting, you need to check with your healthcare provider.

Hence these are some types of astrology that you must know about.

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