The Common Misleading Information Regarding Ovarian Cysts

In most instances, women have a series of reproductive conditions. This is the main reason women are supposed to go for regular checkups with a gynecologist. However, most women fear going for regular checkups, which worsen their condition. Even though there are various health conditions they can suffer from, the common one is ovarian cysts. Since this condition is uncomfortable, many women have sought treatment for Garden City ovarian cysts. If you seek treatment for this condition, the following is misleading information you should stop believing.

Surgery is the Only Treatment

Most people believe surgery is the only treatment that can treat ovarian cysts. Even though it is one of the treatments, it is not the only treatment. For instance, some cysts are not harmful, small, and non-cancerous; the specialist can offer treatment and resolve them without surgery. Surgery is usually required when the cysts are large or have been diagnosed as endometriomas or dermoid cysts. You should therefore visit the specialist to choose the best treatment for you.

They Cause Infertility

Sometimes, some people have highlighted ovarian cysts as one of the causes of infertility. In most instances, ovarian cysts will cause infertility or limit your ability to have a child directly. The ovarian cysts are only likely to cause complications that are likely to cause complications which could cause infertility. For instance, there are some instances where the cysts could be infected, causing fallopian tube scarring. You should therefore visit the specialist before these cysts cause these conditions.

They are All Cancerous

One of the common myths that people have been having is that all ovarian cysts are cancerous. It is critical to understand that all cysts are unique. Even though some ovarian cysts can develop into cancer, most do not develop into cancerous cells. Since it is difficult to determine the kind of cyst, you should visit a specialist. The doctor will use a pelvic ultrasound to diagnose the type of cyst that you are having and recommend the right treatment.

It is a Post Menopause Condition

Most people have been associating ovarian cysts with women who have reached menopause. Even though the risk of cysts is high among women after menopause, some women can have it even before menopause. For instance, there have been instances where some women have them as early as their twenties. There are other occasions where women can have them after having a hysterectomy which causes the removal of their ovaries. You should, therefore, not wait for menopause to go for regular checkups.

It Cannot be Controlled

One of the main reasons discouraging most people from seeking treatment for ovarian cysts is they believe they cannot be treated. This is one of the worst myths an individual can believe since it shows the person has lost hope. However, this information is false since various treatments exist for this condition. For instance, there are instances where birth control pills can help to treat them. Moreover, there are other instances the specialist could recommend you have surgery.

Even though there has been an increase in ovarian cysts cases, few people seek treatment. One of the reasons affecting this number is the number of people seeking treatment is the misconception revolving around the issue. This delay in seeking treatment has worsened most of the condition, which could have been treated easily. However, if you have this condition, you should avoid following this trend. You should visit a specialist in your region for the right diagnosis. After diagnosis, the specialist will also offer you the right treatment to help you to overcome this condition.

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