The best practices to purchase moissanite online


To anybody who has already taken the decision to invest in womens moissanite rings, congratulations! You have made the greatest possible choice, as moissanite is a superior stone that provides all the benefits of excellent jewellery without breaking the bank. That’s why it makes financial sense to invest in a piece of moissanite jewellery.

Learn about the key properties of MOISSANITE.

It’s true that while adding to a signature collection, one must exercise considerable care, since there are many aspects to consider. Shopping for anything with emotional importance, like a moissanite engagement ring, increases the stress substantially. Keep in mind that the first step is to study what are often referred to as the “4Cs” of the moissanite gemstone, for more in depth please visit our site MomentWish


You may find moissanite in either a “near colourless” or “colourless” kind. This gemstone is graded in a manner remarkably similar to that of diamond, with the exception of the absence of the lightest three grades (K-M for faint, N-R for very light, and S-Z for light) from the moissanite colour grading system. Therefore, if you’re looking to purchase moissanite online, you should only choose stones with a colour grade between D and F (colourless) or G and J (near colourless). As an example, the colour spectrum of Forever One moissanite is indisputably D-F, the same as that of Forever Brilliant. Moissanite has hints of yellow, green, and grey even when it’s almost colourless. An essential fact for any potential future purchaser of moissanite is that the stone retains its original coloration forever.


Most of the moissanite jewellery provided on the market is eye-clean, meaning that even if the stone has some microscopic imperfections, they cannot be detected with the human eye. Some stones naturally develop inclusions like this, but they don’t diminish the stone’s beauty or value in any way. Usually, moissanite’s clarity is classified as “very good” and “good” with a very little variation between both ratings. Only with the use of specialised equipment, such a 10x magnification, can even the most expert appraisers tell the two apart.

When shopping for moissanite online, cut is a major factor for many shoppers, particularly those looking for moissanite promise ring. Most shoppers are unaware that “cut” also refers to the stone’s proportions, symmetry, and polish in addition to its form. This is the determining factor in the stone’s brilliance. For the best possible look at the inherent characteristics of moissanite, it must always be faceted by hand. Expert cutters are needed for faceting since even a little imperfection may diminish the stone’s lustre and overall appeal.

Carat Weight

Unlike diamonds, which are often sold by the carat, moissanite is typically marketed in a variety of sizes. So, a one-carat diamond is equivalent to a 6.5mm moissanite stone. 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 7.5mm, and 8mm moissanite are the most popular sizes for jewellery.

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