The Best Oil and Gas Courses in UAE

Oil and gas courses

For those individuals who are looking to pursue a career in oil exploration, the best Oil and Gas courses in UAE would prove to be invaluable. This is so because most of the professional work done by oil engineers in the area involve underwater drilling. To obtain the license needed for doing so, an underwater engineer has to undergo a strict process of training prior to working. In this regard, the curriculum followed by the schools imparting these courses is quite similar to that followed by most other oil companies in the world. It is largely due to this similarity that students from across the globe often have little difficulty in landing jobs in the region.

When choosing the school to attend for Oil and gas courses in UAE

Prospective students should ensure that the school is accredited by the oil industry governing body, the Oil and Gas courses in Abu Dhabi Association of the United Arab Emirates (SOAAUAE). Furthermore, they should also ensure that the courses they are taking are approved by the government. This way, they will be assured that their studies will lead to beneficial results and will not face any issues during the course. In addition to the government’s approval, prospective students should also ensure that the school they have selected for their offshore oil training courses is approved by the American School of Petroleum (USAP) in Dubai. This particular institution is one of the most prestigious in the world.

The courses are generally divided into two main sections

The first of which is geared towards those individuals who wish to explore and discover petroleum in the Middle East. This particular course usually involves extensive classroom discussions and one-on-one teaching by experts in the field. The second segment consists of internship and fieldwork in petroleum engineering firms. Offshore processing companies and service companies that provide marine and offshore operations usually arrange for these courses. It is best to check with the company you are considering taking up courses with regarding their suitability for those pursuing an offshore role in UAE.

Those wishing to work in onshore oil and gas fields should choose their school

According to the oil and gas fields they wish to work in. There are several options available for those interested in taking up courses. They can choose a school in UAE that offers courses that focus on onshore oil and gas applications, or they can opt for a school offering offshore engineering or marine engineering courses. The latter option is highly preferred by those looking to pursue roles in this field as it allows them the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a working environment that closely resembles that of their home country.

Those wishing to pursue roles as managers in the oil and gas industry

Should check with their school of choice about whether the courses offered are aligned with the relevant industry sector. Some sectors require specific licensing and expertise which may not be provided by schools catering to other areas. Others include the provision of offshore oil and gas management, as well as expertise in the processing and transport of oil and gas. As oil and gas are a highly competitive industry, taking up an offshore management course that is aligned with the right sector could prove invaluable to job seekers.

Those wishing to work in onshore oil platforms should check to find out

Whether they will have the opportunity to take up basic language lessons. A basic understanding of Arabic is also important for those who intend to work in UAE’s offshore oil sector. In addition, students taking up courses in UAE can expect to take part in hands-on activities such as sailing, diving, and windsurfing. These experiences are likely to put applicants in good position when interviewing for jobs on offshore platforms. Applicants with the potential to thrive in a foreign environment are highly desirable by employers and choosing the right school can help students seeking a career on oil platforms in UAE.

Those aiming to join the ranks of employees already working in the offshore sector

Should consider taking up courses that deal with the fundamentals of operations and maintenance. Such courses are likely to give students insight into how companies work on a day-to-day basis and what maintenance tasks are expected of each employee. Taking up a job that requires no further training may seem like a tempting option at first, but further training and qualification will increase a candidate’s chances of securing a good job in the offshore oil industry. Taking up courses that specialize in management and operations, will provide candidates with the skills to manage projects from conception to completion. Such courses are also likely to make them more attractive to recruiters since companies often prefer to hire individuals with proven expertise in their field.


Those students seeking a way of earning an oil job overseas should check to find out if they will have access to a practical program. This kind of training will allow candidates to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and gain experience before pursuing a job in UAE. Taking up such a course will not only give students a chance to network with others studying in the offshore sector, it will also allow them to experience life at an offshore oil rig. This will give them an idea of what it is like to work from such a building.

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