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A kitchen is something that we so dearly love to be in. After all, it calms our appetite and serves us with life and energy. Furthermore, a kitchen is something that sees most footsteps and wears and tears after the living room. This makes it necessary for us to care of it as well. Apart from quality lighting and fittings, flooring must be dealt with care too, says Radvi, India – Click Here about Radvi and how it has been helping people around interior and architecture for ages. When it comes to the floor, one falls on it fatally when one ignores it terribly. We would never want to see you lying on the floor crying, and thus this article.

The more kind we are to our floors, the more kind will the floors be with us.

Best flooring options for kitchen – great tips from Radvi!

Kitchen flooring is something that not only sees footsteps but spills and weather. The most common mistake that people do often is to ignore the climate factor. Flooring or any material in the world sees the grunt of weather. Choosing the wrong material type often leads to terrible times, says Radvi India. For example, many people go for marble flooring in the kitchen. What do they end up with? Lots of spillages happen and the marble traps these spillages. It leads to stains that become a part of that very marble. Why? Because marble is porous in nature. Porous materials have small pores in them. These pores trap the liquid or powdery spill and it becomes hard to pull it out. It leads to stains later on.

So, what are the options that could be used for kitchen flooring? We will discuss it all one by one along with the pros and cons.

Go with Granite!

Granite is the son of fire, truly! Granite is the consequence of magma. It is a highly durable material and is non-porous in nature. This means that it won’t get affected by the spills and footfalls. Although it is used mainly for worktops and countertops, people have started to consider it as a flooring option too.

You would also want to use granite in the bathroom. Why? Because the bathroom is the area that sees liquid the most. Furthermore, other floor types in the bathroom can trap bacteria and viruses. This can lead to the spread of diseases, said Radvi India. However, avoid it on the floor as it is a slippery material. This can prove to be fatal. Use it only on the sink-tops and other tops.

When it comes to the cost of granite flooring, it generally remains in the higher range. The cost could also see a change depending upon the area you are in. Contact any architect or provider near you. Click Here about Radvi and contact them regarding this same if you live nearby their serviceable locations. It is better to fall for quality flooring than to fall on poor flooring.

Super ceramic tiles!

Ceramic tiles are made from natural clay after processing it under extreme heat. These are non-porous in nature and are a great option for your kitchen flooring. They often come in different shapes and patterns. This means that you would be able to customise the flooring as per the colour scheme of your interior design.

However, know that ceramic or porcelain tiles are not strong enough to hold on independently. This means that a hard sub-floor must be given to provide support to these tiles from beneath. This will help these tiles from handling footfalls. You might use concrete to provide a sub-floor. One thing you must take care of is that ceramic tiles are weak by nature. This means that if any hard material falls on it, it could break. This is why these tiles should not be used in living areas where traffic and footfalls remain high.

Vinyl is a win-win!

When we talk of flooring options, we also talk of cost factors. Where granite might seem like a costly option, vinyl is something that lets you win over it. Vinyl has its latest and modified and improved form called LVP. LVP stands for Luxury Vinyl Planks. These either come in plank form, tile form, or roll form. Depending upon your needs, you can decide what to use. Vinyl is waterproof and can withstand spills easily.

Hardwood flooring could be heaven!

Earlier, wood flooring options were a big no-no for kitchens and bathrooms. Why? Because wood is prone to change of shape due to moisture. It breaks off and falls dull with time. But now the technology has improved and there are great proofing options available. There are natural woods and there are engineered woods available. When getting hardwood flooring, make sure you give it many finishings of waterproof chemicals. It will increase the life of hardwood.

However, if you live in a hot climate, avoid hardwood as a flooring option. Wood has a tendency to trap heat. It will lead to an increased overall room temperature.

Call the Concrete!

Yes! Do not feel disheartened when you hear the name of concrete as a flooring option. If you have seen concrete flooring and your memories are not great, you surely have seen the work of an inexperienced architect, says Radvi India. Concrete is a cost-effective and durable option to consider for kitchen flooring. When done by an experienced architect, it can look flawlessly beautiful.

One good thing about concrete is that it could be stained to impersonate wood or tile or other stone forms — the only condition being that you get it done by an experienced architect. It is great for homes with budget limitations.

These are some of the great options that you can consider for your kitchen.

What flooring options are worst for the kitchen?

What you must take care of regarding kitchen flooring is that it is an area that usually remains busy and remains prone to spills and moisture. You’d not want your flooring to gain stains of your spills. This is why it is always advised to go for non-porous flooring.

Another thing is the climate factor. Do not go for materials that change shape and trap heat under climatic conditions. These are some of the worst flooring options for the kitchen –

  • Carpets are a big no for the kitchen.
  • Laminate should be avoided.
  • Marbles are porous in nature and are prone to stains.

Remember to ask the architect you have hired for the construction. Or hire an expert architect if you haven’t any yet. Click here about Radvi India and contact them to get consulted about these things. They are experts in all the fields that could be under architecture and interior design.

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