The Cost of Granite Countertops all should have to know

Cost of Granite Countertops

Selecting a countertop can be just about as hard as the material it’s made out of. There are countless classes, tones, and styles to look over. Further, individuals will, in general, stay with tops for the long stretch. It is a choice you need to ensure you get right the first run-through.

Whenever you’ve settled on the sort of material you need, the remainder of your decisions should fall all the more promptly into the right spot, also, if you’ve effectively arrived on Granite as your material of decision. So, we have the information you need to get your countertop formation or redesign in progress. 

Granite is a mainstream decision because, in addition to the fact that it is sharp. Further, it can increase the value of your home. It’s also a less expensive choice than marble. So, offering heap tones and examples to look over. So regardless of whether you get a similar shading as another person. Further, you might end up with a different example, making your countertops exceptional. So, pursue to gain proficiency with the changed expenses related to introducing Granite counters. 

  1. Cost of Granite Counters
  2. Grades of Granite
  3. Cost of Granite Countertops by Type

Cost of Granite Counters

First of all, cash. Before any redesigning can occur, you need to realize what will set you back. What’s more, in case you’re doing a complete redesign, be it kitchen or bathroom. So, with granite countertops in Virginia being only one piece of the undertaking, spending right. Granite tops alone will cost you $40-$100 per square foot, with the everyday running $58 per square foot. 

Marble runs somewhere in the range of $75 and $250 per square foot. See why Granite is the more mainstream decision? That cost does exclude creation, so relying upon how much counter space you have. Further, your tops could run you $2,000 to $4,500, and perhaps more. Generally, the average expense of introducing Granite tops in the kitchen will run you somewhere in the range of $50 and $200 per square foot.  

Luckily, Granite counters are a venture that will last some time. Granite usually is brutal and highly heat-safe. Also, when aptly fixed, it can keep going for quite a long time. That is why the decisions you make relating to your Granite tops aren’t to be messed with, further, because you’ll be left with them for some time. 

Here is the cost of granite countertops:

  • Price range per square foot: $40-$100 
  • Average per square foot: $58 
  • Labor/establishment: $15-$45 per square foot 
  • Typical absolute expense with establishment: $2,000-$4,500 
  • Price per square foot with establishment: $50-$200 
  • Compare to marble: $75-$250 per square foot 
  • Compare to quartz: $55-$75 per square foot 

Grades of Granite:

As you pore over your alternatives, don’t simply zero in on colors. Ensure you’re considering the grades of Granite. You need to realize what you’re spending your well-deserved cash on. There are three degrees of Granite, going from poor quality right to high grade. The grade is controlled by colors, veins, pitting, markings, thickness, and the measure of delicate materials it involves. Indeed, even the country where it was quarried can influence the grade level. 

Level 1 

It is viewed as section level and is typically alluded to as business or developer’s grade. It’s normally pre-manufactured. Also, it is discovered generally in condos, prefab models, or even furnishings. Level 1 Granite will, in general, be slenderer. Further, it is generally around three-eighths of an inch thick. Also commonly requires pressed wood backing for extra strength. It’s likewise a more straightforward plan and contains more classic tones. It’s regularly imported from China and is found at Granite vendors or large box stores. 

Level 2 

It is mid-grade. It’s a bit better than Level 1. By and large, 3/4 of an inch. Tones and plans will, in general, be more novel than what you would discover in Level 1-quality Granite. Level 2 Granite will, in general, be imported from India or Brazil. 

Level 3 

It is high-grade Granite and can run from Level 3 and up. Some Granite organizations will go to Levels 6 or 7. Along with these lines, essentially, the higher the level, the better the quality. In general, these grades will be more extraordinary for all intents and purposes and sources and can have more surprising shadings just as veins and examples. 

They likewise will, in general, contain an observable measure of both complex and delicate materials. For the most part, they’re imported from Brazil and India with an average thickness of somewhere around 3/4 of an inch.  Imported Granite likewise will, in general, cost about 30% more than homegrown Granite due to high delivery costs because of the material’s weight.

It very well may be enticing to go with a lower level. Since Granite is Granite, in any case, ensure you’re gauging the whole of your changes. Counters will, in general, point to the junction in the kitchen or bathroom. Also, since these rooms get a lot of utilization, you need to ensure you’re getting the most value for your money. 

Cost of Granite Countertops by Type:

When you think about these different Granite grades, you acquire a more bulging grasp of how quality influences cost. That will help your financial plan so you can ensure you’re getting the best Granite inside the structure of your funds. So, On the low end, Granite counters range from $40 to $70 per square foot. The mid-level, Level 2, the most well-known sort, ranges in cost per square foot from $80-$110. 

What’s more, when you take a gander at the most excellent Granite, you need to plan for essentially $140-$200 per square foot. That is a weighty unique estimating spread. Furthermore, remember: Labor and establishment can knock those expenses up or down contingent upon the degree of administration. Work could add somewhere in the range of $15 and $45 per square foot and conceivably more. 


So, the cost of granite countertops in USA depends on various factors like style, shape, mined place, and levels of quality. Further, Delivery charges might be extra. Also, the expense of Granite tops may exclude backsplashes you might wish to add. So, in addition to some other competing surfaces or uncommon edging highlights. Before leaving all vital signs for expert support, ensure you know all that is for the cost.

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