The Best Copy Trading Platform

All copy trading platforms provide exceptional value, but some are more suitable to your needs than others. The best copy trading platform is one that allows you to focus on trading and make money rather than wasting time worrying about the finer details of your account and the trading process. You’ll want your top-rated copy trading platform to be easy to use, trustworthy, and user-friendly so that you can find success without having to spend too much time fine-tuning everything. Check out this list of the best copy trading platforms to get started today!

How copy trading works

The cryptocurrency market is booming. In December, Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $20,000, and other coins have seen similarly dramatic rises in value. While these increases are absolutely thrilling for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, many casual investors still struggle to understand how they work—and why they should care at all. Here’s a quick rundown on how copy trading works and why it can be a great investment opportunity for both experts and newbies alike.

Pros and cons of copying successful traders

One of the biggest reasons for starting to copy trade is because we are lazy, and copying gives us a shortcut to achieving success. Of course, many traders fall prey to online scams when looking for these shortcuts, so it’s important to look into these sites before signing up. Some are better than others, so make sure you do your homework and find a reliable platform that won’t charge you exorbitant fees or leave you out of pocket without an account balance.

IC Markets Minimum Deposit and Fees

IC Markets is a leading CFD trading platform that boasts great features and convenient access to the global financial markets, both of which make it an attractive option for traders of all experience levels. For those new to the IC Markets platform, the following information provides insight into what kind of minimum deposit you’ll need to place in order to start trading, as well as information about any trading fees you might incur at IC Markets and how you can avoid them. Let’s get started!

IC Markets $0.01 minimum deposit

$0.01 USD (100 units) (or equivalent) are the IC Markets Minimum Deposit, applies to ICMarkets free practice account, contact ICMarkets for more details. $50 USD per month minimum activity is required to keep your ICMarkets account open. The platform will calculate your monthly activity if it’s below $50. To withdraw funds from an ICMarkets account, a user must have over $500 in his/her trading account balance at all times.

ICMarkets withdrawal fees

Withdrawals are fast but charges might apply as they use a third party financial intermediary that has additional fees to withdraw money. It’s always good to know what fees you’ll incur when withdrawing so you don’t get hit with any nasty surprises after trading for a while. There is a minimum of $100 on all withdrawals, with a maximum of $15,000 per day.

ICMarkets deposit methods

ICMarkets accepts deposits through a number of different payment options. Most notably, ICMarkets accepts both credit cards as well as bank wire transfers. Using a credit card to fund your account will incur an additional 4% deposit fee. Bank wire transfers are free of charge when made directly to ICMarkets’ bank account.

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