The Best Companies to Get Started With Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging

If you are looking to drive sales and more traffic to your real estate listings, virtual staging is the way to go for sure. Using the software available online to improve these spaces can be a difficult and time consuming task. For this reason, virtual staging companies are progressively being established to lift the weight off your shoulders. However, with so many existing companies, how do you decide which company to use and where to find it?  The following are the best renowned companies, available online, including this company, from which you can choose from:

Bella Staging

This being one of the best companies, it has impeccable services. Their website alone is easy to navigate and the home page introduces you to their services with an informative video tailored just for you – the prospective client. The company has a team of professional virtual staging designers with experience in top tier interior decor. With the company, you can virtually transform the look of any room whether to show your clients the potential appearance of your space for cluttering or decluttering, renovation or for sale. They also provide 3D rendering services with which you can use to visualize a space or property for architectural purposes based on your sketches and blueprints.

The process is as simple as submitting the photos of the rooms you want to be staged, giving descriptions of your desired outcome and the designers will do the magic. Your photos will be delivered very fast via email and you can begin boosting traffic to your site.

Virtually Staging Properties

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a savvy marketing tool in today’s real estate marketing strategies, the company provides a virtual gallery from which you can select the theme of the rooms you intend to stage. Their pricing depends on the number of photos you want. The company’s pricing starts at only $60 per photo. 

However, they have packages, which on average have 5 photos at most. The consultation services involve telling more about yourself, the environs, and target buyers so that the designers create a connection to both you and the customers with the perfect design. They guarantee full satisfaction through constant revision until you love what you receive.


The Company has a dedicated team of professionals who give you quality services with a quick turnaround of 48 hours. Clients do not require subscriptions to receive services. One only pays a low rate for the services required. However, the prices vary depending on the service required such as $1.60 for image enhancement, $24-$36 for floor plan redraws, and $280 for renders. The services are also provided on their website and there are customer service experts available 24/7 on live chat, phone, or email.

VHS Media

Virtual Staging House Media is a fast-rising company that takes pride in delivering premium virtually staged images on the same day or 30-hour delivery.  The company ensures your shop is on its site securely and with a reliable experience with SSL. This stands out from others. You can download the images directly from the dashboard. The prices are affordable. For example, commercial virtual staging costs $30 and virtual landscaping costs $14.75

Have a style in mind that is too hard to achieve or you simply cannot explain it? Stucco has design consultants who can choose the style for you. This will separate you and your listings from the competition. The delivery time is between 12 to 24 hours. They can revise photos provided you send your complaint within 60 days of purchase. The costs are quite dear as compared to others such as $39 per landscaping photo and $29 to add furniture and decor. They, however, guarantee you a quality outcome.

VRX Staging

Best known for luxury property staging, the site offers exquisite realistic transformation to spaces. Quick delivery is sure on the next business day. The prices are one flat rate. You can change any aspect of a property from wall paint color change, virtual twilight to removal and addition of furniture. This is to increase its quality and appearance.

The prices also vary per photo according to the services rendered. For example, virtual twilight costs $10 per photo while furniture removal and staging cost $55 per photo. Note that this is cheaper than traditional shoots, which cost at least $125 per listing for a twilight shoot. What better way to attract your clients than with the alluring state-of-the-art photos.

Final Thoughts

Virtual staging increases the chances of faster sales of your property. Attractive virtual tours and photos guarantee more clicks, views, and showings. For this reason, it is important to choose a company that will bring your dreams and vision to reality. However, this will also depend on your budget. Thus, you should do research beforehand. Find a company with both affordable prices and high-quality results.

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