The Benefits Of UPVC Windows & Doors

UPVC, or Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, is a common material used for windows and doors. But do you know there are many benefits to choosing UPVC Windows Stratford Upon Avon over other products?

Here are ten advantages of UPVC doors and windows for your home.

1. Customizable

Most UPVC windows, doors, and external fascia come in white. The manufacturing process has changed so homeowners can choose various colours and styles.

Manufacturers and Window Companies Stratford Upon Avon can now customise UPVC products to meet your needs. This means that windows and doors will fit perfectly in your home.

2. Security

Any window or door installation is crucial to the security of your home or property. UPVC is light and robust, with a sturdy frame that can withstand attacks. It also has multiple locking combinations.

3. Insulation

When it comes to windows and doors, energy efficiency is a top priority. The choice of materials will impact your home’s heat and window energy ratings.

UPVC is a heat conductor which can be fitted correctly to form a closed-air system that will reduce heat loss.

4. Low Maintenance

Unlike natural materials that require regular sanding, varnishing, and repainting, UPVC requires very little maintenance. Windows and doors made of UPVC have been weatherproof for decades. All that is required to maintain them is a clean, damp wipe with soapy water to remove dirt and grime.

5. Durability

This material is extremely tough, so that it can withstand the most extreme elements. They are also resistant to rot and corrosion. This is particularly important for properties near the coast where high salt levels can cause problems. The UPVC coating also protects against UV rays, preventing them from fading when exposed to prolonged sunlight.

6. Ventilation

PVCu Windows Stratford Upon Avon come in many different styles. They provide efficient ventilation and airflow to a room. A tilt-and-turn window arrangement is an efficient one. It consists of two windows that can open in different directions, providing draft-free ventilation.

Heat can escape through the top or side openings if the window is tilted inwards. However, if the window is fully opened, it can quickly ventilate the entire room and make it useful for cleaning or refreshing.

7. Eco-Friendly

UPVC windows have a life expectancy of 40 to 80 years. They are made from recycled materials, which means they have a low environmental impact.

Ask your installer if local regulations will dispose of the old windows or doors made of UPVC. The materials can also be used to make other products, such as pipes and plumbing fittings.

8. Weather Resistant

UPVC windows and doors are resistant to water and air. This means they can last longer without ageing. UPVC is weather-resistant and requires less maintenance than natural materials like wood. However, it’s essential to take care of any UPVC exterior installations, such as soffits or facets, to maintain their durability.

9. Soundproofing

The UPVC material can be used with double-glazed window panels to reduce noise entering your home. UPVC windows can reduce noise by as much as 50% compared to traditional windows and doors.

10. Fire Retardant

According to the building regulations, windows and door frames must be constructed from fire-rated materials that prevent external fire from spreading. Building regulations also require UPVC to comply with the fire safety protocol. This means the material will keep the primary route open for at least 30 minutes if there is a fire.

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